Mumbling into Munday.

  1. 32 :: skidoo!
  2. Ignore :: it, it will go away.
  3. Wet :: dog.
  4. Apartment :: Therapy.
  5. Translate :: Spanish
  6. YouTube :: videos
  7. Stifle :: it!
  8. Plus :: sign.
  9. Thanks! :: a bunch.
  10. Fiction :: fun!

Sometimes my imagination takes off with these mumblings, sometimes not. This is a *not* week, I guess.

* * * * *

Last Thursday and Friday were the annual 2-day knitting retreat tax conference. Imagine my horror when I settled into my seat on Thursday morning, opened my tote bag… and there was no knitting!


I left my bag on my seat (after taking out my wallet — I’m not completely stoopid), walked the block and a half to my car, drove back to house to get my knitting, and returned to the conference before that speaker had finished.

Thus, I now have a finished Windschief hat and half of a matching neck gaiter, to be a Christmas gift to our most excellent renter. Bubbles will model them when the neck gaiter is finished.


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0 Responses to Mumbling into Munday.

  1. Kym says:

    I’d go home for my knitting, too! Tax conferences are so much more pleasant with knitting! 🙂

  2. I never have the nerve to do that! Good for you!!

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