Ten on Tuesday, the mind[less] edition.

Ten Things On My Mind Right Now.
Ten on Tuesday

  1. Should I make another donation to benefit the #Sandy victims?
  2. Can I afford another one?*
  3. Did Elder Son vote? and, if he did, how? He being a student in Michigan only since July and not having been able to get an absentee ballot from our town clerk for my reelection last April (because said clerk did not respond to his request for one)).
  4. Being happily surprised that Younger Son had already voted when I emailed him this morning, He has moved twice since 2008 (national) and 2010 (state) elections and is not always the most supremely organized person.
  5. Wondering how many people will be at my polling place when I go there in half an hour. There have never been more than a couple people ahead of me in the thirteen years I have lived here. Such is life in a tiny town when one votes in midafternoon.
  6. Wondering how the library-books-to-the-jail program is playing out. The county library was voted out of funding starting 1/1/13, but this program, which they performed, will continue in some form.
  7. Avoiding thoughts of What if Romney wins somehow? It's way too much work to move to Canada. Voter fraud doesn't happen at the ballot box, it happens when the votes are counted. Glad Florida doesn't have a Bush governor now
  8. Hoping that the new/old van Smokey bought a few weeks ago (to replace one that was so rusty that our mechanic told him it was no longer safe to drive) will get me to the library, the fire hall to vote, and to the government center for a 2 o'clock meeting. And home again.
  9. Thinking happy thoughts about the pair of socks that need <1" of ribbing on the second sock to be done. And the progress I made last weekend on my long-sleeping Tappan Zee sweater.
  10. Hoping against hope I will not run out of yarn on said sweater. And hoping that, if I do, I will have the stamina to frog and reknit it with the modifications I have in mind.


*  Of course I can afford it.* But maybe a smaller donation this time.

** I have a warm house (2 of them, actually), a car (many of them), plenty of food, heat, water, warm clothes, an IRA, health insurance, and enough yarn to keep me busy for the rest of my natural life. Of course I can afford to help.

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0 Responses to Ten on Tuesday, the mind[less] edition.

  1. Jocelyn says:

    I like your 2nd asterisked point the very most of anything.
    Okay, so you asked for the reading list for the Modern World Lit class; here’s a link to the table of contents for the anthology:

  2. Kym says:

    Hope your mind is clear and calm this morning! (I know mine is. . . )

  3. Carole says:

    My voting experience is similar to yours and that is life in a small town. It’s a happy day today!

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