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In honor of Cyber Monday & Black Friday.

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Cat friend::dog friend.

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The data crunchers and tech nerds who won the 2012 election. Two words: shark socks. Read more here. Skimpy linksies this week. What can I say? I was busy.

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Thankful Thursday: the real day edition.

This is a Thanksgiving tradition at our house. Back in the '70s and '80s and '90s we had to rely on KQRS, a Twin Cities radio station, to play it. Which they always did — it was their tradition, too. … Continue reading

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A little holiday cooking help: how to roast your turkey (NSFW).

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Ten on Tuesday, the thankful edition.

Ten Things I Am Thankful For.  Reasonably good health. After Smokey's surgery and lengthy recovery last summer, I can REALLY appreciate the value of good health. Also: reasonably good mobility.  My kids' good health, both physical and mental. Also that … Continue reading

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Mumbling into Munday.

32 :: skidoo! Ignore :: it, it will go away. Wet :: dog. Apartment :: Therapy. Translate :: Spanish YouTube :: videos Stifle :: it! Plus :: sign. Thanks! :: a bunch. Fiction :: fun! Sometimes my imagination takes off … Continue reading

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How the map would have looked if only white males could vote. Koalas to the max. I found that website from this one. Because everyone needs another time waster, amirite? Best tip jar ever. PETA: please get your sh!t together. … Continue reading

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Couple things from The Bloggess.

But first, some mutterings. Crunch :: Cap'n. Resourceful :: McGyver. Experience :: Useful. One hour :: Not long enough. Happening :: Soon. Mushroom :: Cloud. Humid :: Lousiana. Mini :: Cooper. Earth shattering :: Announcement. Mistake :: Oops. * * … Continue reading

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Saturday links.

A famous blogger wants to learn how to knit. Home improvement: not necessarily improved with feline assistance. It's not your mother's wheat any more. Those who are leaving the county because Obama got a second term are going to have … Continue reading

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