I ate glitter.

The no-spill kangaroo cup invented by a 10-yo girl to help her grandfather, who has Parkinson's. I got one for work; I live in fear of knocking over my tall coffee mug onto my laptop. (The tall mug leaks if I use the cover, resulting in coffee stains on my blouses — grrr.)

More grrrr. A rich banker confronting a cab driver over a fare dispute, attacking him over it after a Christmas party, and then getting the charges dropped at the last minute, is pretty much a microcosm of criminal and economic justice in this country today.

Chuckles: typeface for doctors.

More chuckles: sign for your door.

Even more chuckles: tell me again. (via wilwheaton on Tumblr).

Gorgeous bird photos. My caption for the second one: "Live long and prosper". (thanks, k!).

The Faroe Islands. Scroll down to #18.


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0 Responses to Linksies.

  1. Shirley says:

    I really enjoy your weekly links. They always bring me a smile.

  2. mary lou says:

    I spent too much time trying to figure how just how that knitter was tensioning the yarns. Horse and knitting. I want to go to the Faroes!

  3. bullwinkle says:

    /snicker (fairy dust!)
    Gorgeous photos.

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