Sharing iz caring, right?

From the draft folder. You get two linky posts this week, you lucky people.

Imma share some sites wit' youze guys.

Screen-capture-2Daniel is a student at NYU who is really, really into making his teeny-tiny apartment awesome. That sentence doesn't even begin to describe him, though. Manhattan Nest.

Screen-capture-4I found this one when I looking for stuff on American Gods, my pick for my book group's November (2011) book. Mark Reads.

Screen-capture-5Guaranteed to enliven your news-loving self: The Morning News.

Screen-capture-6Not to get all obscure and niche-y on y'all, but Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire groupies (and foodies) need to know about this one: Inn at the Crossroads.

Screen-capture-7Always funny, even though she may well be my worst nightmare of a person. Jennsylvania.

Screen-capture-8Funny in an Onion-y kind of way: The Borowitz Report.

Screen-capture-9It's lonely in the modern world: Unhappy Hipsters.

Screen-capture-10I'm a visual kind of person: The Big Picture.

Now, y'all already know about these, right? Cuz youze is all cool and stuff. But Iz kewl too so this proves it.

There. Now haz completely runed yur plans fr productive dai. Yur welcum!

* I read — at most — about 10% of their posts. To read them all would mean never doing anything else.


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0 Responses to Sharing iz caring, right?

  1. k says:

    I read about 4 pages of Manhattan Nest. I am a little concerned with the light fixture enabling. I might follow that lead.

  2. bullwinkle says:

    Yeah, I was sucked in by Manhattan Nest. I had to remember to come back and tell you “thanks” for that 😉
    I shan’t be checking out the rest.

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