Saturday links. On Friday.


Nutella is forever.

Twitter is soooo useful.

I kinda like the before models better.

The annual gourd post.

Fans of the Dead: link alert.

Alzheimer’s: type 3 diabetes? (via

* * * * *

Not a link, but something that made me shake my head in despair for the English language and clear communication. Not to mention the whole global thing.

across all offices may experience slowness or intermittent issues on
Data/Voice/Video network, owing to multiple fiber-cuts on the service provider
network, due to the ongoing beautification work in Hi-tech City for the Bio
Diversity conference in Hyderabad. 


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0 Responses to Saturday links. On Friday.

  1. Cindy G says:

    OK, gotta admit it. I love that someone actually set up @Neilgaimanshat just for the sake of the jest.

  2. k says:

    Before, or after. I just wanted to shout “EAT SOMETHING!!!” Because I am a mom.

  3. gayle says:

    I’m just glad he remembered his hat. I was so worried.

  4. bullwinkle says:

    Did Neil (et al) make you laugh? Then –> useful 🙂
    That Alzheimer’s link is scary. (Or maybe I just followed the bunny trail. /furthering my resolve to not eat processed foods …)

  5. Chris says:

    The model morphing – I found the models kind of creepy before and after…

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