Words to live by.

Keep calm

 …especially when dealing with hedge fund K-1s.

Here is my printout of the sign hanging by my desk (in a place where it is not immediately obvious to everyone walking by — never a good idea to broadcast one's ignorance at work). I had to print it in b&w and go after it with colored markers.


See that bag of Udi's granola on the desk? It came with a story. Let me tell you it

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home from work* last night to pick up some breakfast and snack and dinner provisions. I was idly watching the screen on the checker's terminal while she scanned the items and noticed a $634 total at the bottom of the screen. At first I thought that must be a shift total or her personal total on that machine, but as I scanned the column of scanned-in prices I saw that my bag of granola came in at…

(wait for it)


I pointed that out and she rescanned it, with the same result. She did a price check, same result. But this time she was laughing and telling the other checkers about my $618 bag of granola. Apparently the price had been input wrong on the front end. In all the hysteria and laughing and trying to correct the error she reversed the entry for a box of crackers (normal price of $2.42), but I was so disgustingly honest I pointed it out.

* Yes, Smokey is well enough now that I can leave him for days at a time. He walks with just a cane now, has been able to cut way back on the pain meds, and will probably return to work sometime in the next month.

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0 Responses to Words to live by.

  1. Lisa says:

    so what did the granola end up costing you? I have THE most awesome recipe, email me if you want it.

  2. Silvernfire says:

    Speaking of signs hidden from casual viewing…years ago, I was in another office in the building where I work, and I happened to walk past their customer service window. They had an advertisement from a magazine taped up where the staff could read it, but not the customer: PROZAC CAN HELP.

  3. Big Alice says:

    Glad to hear that Smokey is doing better.
    Ha, you and your expensive granola tastes!

  4. gayle says:

    At the store I work at, we carry a lot of foil pans. All but one of them are to be rung up with the sku that is embossed on them – that one exception has a sku that you either have to memorize or look up each time. Every new cashier has been bitten on the ass by this one. It’s covered in register training, but in all the information thrown at them it’s hard to remember. So, if the sku embossed on this item is typed in on the register, it rings up for $999.99 (and requires someone from the service desk to come over and delete it) and the item description is: DO NOT USE THIS SKU.
    What a whacky sense of humor those folks in the home office have…

  5. Heather says:

    You and your high-faluting granola… 😉
    So very glad to hear that Smokey is on the mend. I have been thinking a lot about everybody at Chez Kmkat, hoping for good things.

  6. bullwinkle says:

    /snicker (Prozac can help)
    Glad to hear that Smokey is recovering 🙂

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