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Henri, le chat noir, shares his thoughts on Halloween.

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Two-fer Tuesday.

Coupla things. As horrible and devastating as SuperSandy was/is, it is good to remember how much worse it could have been. No major buildings collapsed. Nurses had to carry sick babies down nine flights of stairs while pumping air into … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday: the Alfred Hitchcock edition.

Ten Favorite Alfred Hitchcock Movies.  The Birds. I saw this when it first came out in theaters and had nightmares that night. This is the only movie that has ever given me nightmares.    North by Northwest. Cary Grant = … Continue reading

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Downs syndrome man calls Ann Coulter on her slam.

But first, this week's mutterings. Crying :: Shame. Reluctant :: Debutante. Decade :: Ten. Mustache :: Ramble. Water :: For Elephants. March :: Hare. Stripes :: Stars. Friendship :: Ring. Weirdo :: Harpo. Contacts :: Eyes. * * * * … Continue reading

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Last links of the month.

Halloween facts and history. (National Geographic via odditiesoflife via neilgaiman's tumblr) Fun with maps, (thanks. jdrak1970!) Fly the crowded skies. Did you know that Corgis are the new lolcats? Like this one. (thanks to Erika for chasing down that CNN … Continue reading

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MN knitters’ days.

I went to MN Knitters' Days, a weekend knitting retreat, for the first time this year. The teacher was Lucy Neatby, who obligingly posed for this photo… …and taught 38 experienced knitters double knitting. I knit A LOT but had … Continue reading

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LIttle free libraries.

You may have heard of Little Free Libraries. You may even have noticed one in your city. Imagine my surprise when I saw this in my teeny tiny town. It is in the lot occupied by Julia's Java, a tiny … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday: candy!

Ten Favorite Candies in the Trick or Treat Bag. Snickers. My boys knew not to eat those out of their t-or-t bag/bucket. All Snickers are belong to ME. Hersheys Miniatures. Mmmm, chocolate. Baby Ruth bars. Mr. Goodbar. M&Ms, but only if they … Continue reading

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As the proud wife and mother of a couple guys with attention deficit disorder, I am clued in to what it is like. Here are some samples: If I could remember where I found these I would give credit where … Continue reading

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I ate glitter. The no-spill kangaroo cup invented by a 10-yo girl to help her grandfather, who has Parkinson's. I got one for work; I live in fear of knocking over my tall coffee mug onto my laptop. (The tall … Continue reading

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