A somewhat comforting afterthought.

Bicyclephoto credit: NCinDC via photo pin cc

It occurred to me today as I was thinking about yesterday's accident, that — as horrible as it was for the bicyclist that got hit — it was better than if the victim had been a pedestrian. Not to lessen what happened to the woman on the bike, but it could have been worse.

  • Assuming she was actually on her bike and not walking it across the street, she would have been slightly above the front of the car, i.e., above the main impact. It probably did a number on her leg(s) but the only damage to her torso, where the vital organs are, would have been from being tossed onto the roof of the car, bouncing down its back, and landing in the street. Severe bruising, perhaps cracked ribs or a broken arm, but no ruptured spleen/heart/intestines. In other words, probably no life-threatening injuries.
  • She was protected from head injuries because she was wearing a helmet. This would not have been true of a pedestrian.

I felt a lot better after I thought of this. Maybe you will, too.

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0 Responses to A somewhat comforting afterthought.

  1. Soxanne says:

    True, all true. Still. Very sobering thing to witness.
    The young woman, you, and son #2 are in my thoughts.

  2. bullwinkle says:

    Having once rolled off the hood of a car, a) not pretty b) you’re absolutely right and c) I’ll try to remind people that it could have been worse.
    I’m glad you thought of all this – I remember to tell people when they see a motorcyclist flying through the air that this is good – he/she remembered to push away from the bike after being hit (and the motorcycle, therefore, will not drop on top of him/her.) But when I hear about bicyclists, all I can remember is that one car totally missing the stop sign. (And then I shut my eyes and turn away and stay quiet.)

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