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“Remember when…”

"…you had to plug a computer into the wall just to get a blazing fast 56kbps connection? Look what my phone did today. Technology, huh?" (email from Younger son) He rooted his phone, a Samsung, I think.

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Saturday links.

The day's forecast… on your morning toast? (via The Morning News) The 47% — including George Romney, his father — answer Mitt. (via R.T. Rybak, mayor of Minneapolis, answers Mitt. (thanks, soxanne!) Ugly Renaissance babies. This one has a … Continue reading

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My name on the cover of Rolling Stone!

Why, yes, my name IS Yoko Ono.

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Garment NA08. With signature pin.

Anyone want to create a knitting pattern? Video found here.

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Ten on Tuesday: pizza!

Top Ten Toppings for Pizza. Cheese. Of course, every pizza has cheese, but in my fifty years of eaten frozen pizza I have noticed that those made in Wisconsin are superior — and I noticed this long before had any … Continue reading

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Munday mutterings. On Munday.

Familiar :: home Style :: fashion More than :: enough Glistening :: slippery Obstruction :: traffic construction Orifice :: spinning Hugely :: inappropriate Tempest :: teapot Sauce :: spaghetti Herbs :: green * * * * * In other news, … Continue reading

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Summer knitting.

Note: I found this post in my draft folder, waiting for a picture of the socks. Finally took one. At the beginning of the summer I came upon a pattern that begged to be made in profusion and sold for … Continue reading

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Another week, another set of links.

How to achieve perfection in your lentil dishes… if you suffer OCD. (via I mentally correct every phrase that should be subjunctive. That tense doesn't seem to be taught in English; I learned it from Spanish class. (Hover over the … Continue reading

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Call it what it is.

Observed today at the drugstore: In case you cannot make out the label, here's a closeup:

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Every man should read thisĀ about what it is like to be a woman. (via WilW on Tumblr) Test your knowledge of kittykats. (Truth: I only got 70%.) How to have a great library. See-through frog: creepy or interesting? I vote … Continue reading

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