Nice ride*.

Who's that comin' down the street?


It's Alex… and Lisa The Head Model!


Alex is going to Aveda Institute. Lisa is the model she uses to practice massage. She had to return Lisa to school today.

* Nice Ride are the bikes available to rent all over Minneapolis.

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0 Responses to Nice ride*.

  1. Erika says:

    I love it when life imitates King of the Hill!

  2. Maire says:

    I had no idea that Minneapolis had a +15 system! I thought those were mostly a Calgary thing! I saw the first pictures and immediately thought you were here in Canada until I saw the bike share name. We don’t have a bike share *yet*, but we’re working on it. I’m taking my pretty Pashley Princess out tonight for a full-moon ride downtown 😀

  3. Big Alice says:

    Heh. I think Lisa needs a jaunty hat.

  4. bullwinkle says:

    Love bike share! And yes, Lisa needs a hat.

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