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Nice ride*.

Who's that comin' down the street? It's Alex… and Lisa The Head Model! Alex is going to Aveda Institute. Lisa is the model she uses to practice massage. She had to return Lisa to school today. * Nice Ride are … Continue reading

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Best card ever.

Belated birthday card. Oh, wait, there was another one that was special, long ago and back in that year I turned fifty. Elder Son wrote me a haiku. Today I am fifty.It's really, really nifty.Give me a gifty. 

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That’s a couple hours I’ll never get back.

I just spent two hours dealing with a hacked Visa card. I have nine monthly payments of one kind or another that are automatically charged to that card. That was nine phone trees to navigate to change to a different … Continue reading

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Monday mutterings. And knitting,

Call :: back Instinct :: basic Toffee :: caramel Cleaner :: software* Gut :: level Leveled :: destroyed Discover :: TV Together :: again Attack :: plane String :: theory * I used to have a little Windoze widget called The … Continue reading

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It’s the little things that drive us crazy.

Case in point: I am currently listening to book 3, Blameless, in the Parasol Protectorate series. Light, frothy, amusing paranormal suspense/romance set in Victoria England. Perfect fare when life is a little… heavy. There is a character in these books … Continue reading

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Kat links.

A little challenge inspiration for you quilters. Here is what has been making news in Wisconsin for the past year or so: frac sand mining. When thinking about the road wear, keep this in mind: one mile of road = … Continue reading

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Yarn, gift yarn, souvenir yarn, and socks.

Last week I remembered that, while I knit for charity and I knit for loved ones and I knit to create garments for myself, I knit primarily because I like knitting. Knitting is, or should be, fun. The things currently … Continue reading

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How the well-dressed bicycling camper sleeps.

Step 1. Find two sturdy trees at least ten feet apart but no farther than twenty. Step 2. Suspend the rain fly between the selected trees. Put it as high as you can reach. Step 3. Retrieve the hammock from … Continue reading

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What is happening here?

The view from my knitting chair at our campsite on Lake Superior. He said, "I'll spot you."   "Wait. I'm not sure about this."   Focus fail.   Perfect!     What you may not have been able to tell … Continue reading

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One night during Smokey's second stint in the hospital, two volunteers came 'round the unit. Both women were on the shady side of sixty-five, and one proudly announced that she was eighty-six. Their energy and enthusiasm and dedication to brightening … Continue reading

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