News flash!

Smokey just called. He thinks* he will be released from Speed-run the hospital today so I am getting ready to drive down and get him. Two days post-op? Now, that is FAST.

* However, he was pretty groggy. I had to call the nursing station afterwards and have someone go hang up his cell phone — apparently he forgot to hit the END button. Sure hope he had the discharge idea right…

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0 Responses to News flash!

  1. Cookie says:

    Woo! (Maybe)
    Did he talk to a discharge planner? They always know what’s up and when the patient will be getting released. Not that I know anything about that sort of thing. ;^)

  2. cursingmama says:

    Wow – that seems quick. Must be a fast healer or he’s grumpy 🙂
    hope the trip home & resettling goes well.

  3. Sophanne says:

    Our thoughts will be with you as home care begins. Make sure you make a little block of time to take care of yourself.

  4. Heather says:

    I’m so glad that it’s going well for him – thoughts and loving prayers to him for a speedy recovery, and to you for getting through it all.

  5. Lisa says:

    Yes, be sure you can take care of yourself as much as him…. I kind of love it when DH goes away for a few days at a time… the house is quieter and cleaner, though after a while more lonely. I get irritated for a day or two after he gets back and have to work on that…

  6. gayle says:

    Hugs and hopes for a speedy recovery!

  7. bullwinkle says:

    Wow … I should read ahead and see what happened 😉 but I’ll just tell you to drive safe and tell Smokey to take it easy.

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