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Bear cam! Live!


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Drive-by bullets.

Smokey continues to improve. Very, very slowly.   He googled "L5 fusion recovery" and found a site/BBS with posts from people with his same surgey and with recoveries that lasted weeks or months and who suffered from pain that he doesn't … Continue reading

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Yarn bomb!

Found here. The site says this is a bus in Mexico City, but the writing on the bus is either Korean or Japanese according to the comments. Nevertheless, it is an awesome yarn bomb. * * * * * Smokey … Continue reading

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Home, home, home at last.

I brought Smokey home from the hospital today. He has a different painkiller and an anti-nausea drug, and they seem to be working. But we had a bucket and a towel in the car just in case… The dogs were … Continue reading

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Better later than earlier.

When I got to the hospital to pick up Smokey yesterday, he was sitting in a wheelchair and puking his guts out. Morphine and oxycodone make him mega-nauseous in spite of the anti-nauseous drug the nurse had given him earlier. … Continue reading

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News flash!

Smokey just called. He thinks* he will be released from  the hospital today so I am getting ready to drive down and get him. Two days post-op? Now, that is FAST. * However, he was pretty groggy. I had to call the … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday Wednesday, the happiness edition.

Ten Everyday Things That Make Me Happy (in absolutely random order). The song of the red-winged blackbird (I hear one right now). Rubbing my face in the fur of Hannibal The Fluffball Of Doom. Smokey. An email from one of … Continue reading

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All is well.

Smokey had his back surgery yesterday morning. I dropped him off at the hospital at 6:15am. He went immediately to the surgical unit, was anesthetized at 7:30, work up in the recovery room at 2:30, and was asleep in his … Continue reading

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Hermitage cats.

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Sometimes ya just gotta bite the bullet.

I picked up the Herringbone Cowl again. Close scrutiny of it revealed several things that displeased me. (Scissors are included as a pointer, also as something with hard edges for my camera to focus on.) First, there was this. Believe … Continue reading

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