A drive-by post.

GlutenAvoiding gluten has produced amazing results. Yes, my hip feels a bit better, but the amazing part is that so do the rest of my joints, those aching joints for which I have been taking 800mg of ibuprofen twice a day for years and a few months ago had to up the dosage to three times a day. (Diagram THAT sentence, sucka.)

Apparently I have a gluten sensitivity. Let me tell you, no one was more surprised than I was at the results I am getting.  Yeah, I had read here and there about how gluten and wheat (and red meat and dairy and sugar and soda and pretty much everything tasty) was bad for us, but yowza, now I am a Gluten-Avoidance Convert. I'm not fanatical about it (fanaticism and 100% avoidance does not seem to be necessary for me, thank FSM); I have the occasional burger or sandwich, although I might only eat the bottom half of the bun. A frozen pizza last weekend, Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese once — as long as I only consume minimal wheat/gluten with the occasional splurge I'm fine.

My thanks again to Chris, who sent me a lovely, detailed email of which brands of GF products she finds to be worthwhile and where to buy them in the Twin Cities*. Chris = hero.

Life is good.

Smokey's back surgery has been pushed back from June 25 to the third week of July. The VA hospital called last week to say that they had goofed on the scheduling, the surgeon who would operate… would not be in on June 25. WTF? So now everything is pushed back. Good thing I'm having some luck with the GF diet, or I'd be chewing nails by the time it is my turn for surgery.

* We were in Minneapolis on Saturday for a belated Mother's Day/Younger Son Birthday  and Father's Day/early Smokey birthday dinner at YS's apartment. Before we went we made a very productive stop at the Wedge Coop in Chris's neighborhood. Awesome selection of GF stuff throughout the store, not just a puny section like at my local supermarket. I stocked up, youbetcha.


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  1. Angie says:

    Hai! Impressive and happy result of staying away from gluten. Wow and I’m glad you’re feeling better.
    I love co-ops, they have the best stuff.
    Thinking good thoughts for Smokey, too!

  2. Kym says:

    Cheers for the easy-yet-effective dietary adjustment! So sorry to hear about Smokey’s back surgery delay, though. Sending healing vibes your way.

  3. k says:

    I’m glad they let you know before you showed up for the surgery. (Yes. I am trying really hard to be a special sunbeam.)
    So far, I only have to avoid sugar. Except that it seems to be impossible. I actually don’t eat chocolate a day or two a week. I’m always impressed with how well that goes. (Yes. I should stay miles away from chocolate. Allergic. Always will be. I quit smoking almost six years ago. I figure I have four more years till I have to jump over the next big hump.)
    Congratulations on you betterness.

  4. Chris says:

    Yay! I’m glad it’s having such good results for you!! 🙂
    Here’s a scary thing – the selection at the Wedge is kinda puny compared to that of Lakewinds (the main one, at 101 and 5 in Minnetonka). I’m fortunate in that my brother and SIL live near it, so I have an actual excuse to be out that way periodically.
    Hopefully I recommended the Udi’s frozen pizza crusts to you – SO GOOD. Udi’s crust, pasta sauce, Hormel turkey pepperoni, low-fat mozz… YUM. Better than a regular frozen pizza and about as easy.

  5. Lisa says:

    Have you tried Chris’ flourless chocolate cake? It’s in an old post, search in her box or google flourless chocolate cake stumbling over chaos.

  6. Mary says:

    Peanut flour is gluten free as well. I buy it online at local harvest, but there are couple of other places as well. (Makes *great* gluten free peanut/chocolate brownies, but looks like you are off sugar as well….

  7. I’m so glad you’re getting such good results! I don’t have to tell you to keep it up, of course. And yay for having the occasional splurge!

  8. Mary Lou says:

    Glad to hear that. It seems like so many folks have the sensitivity. Apparently in the last 50 years wheat was developed to have much more gluten then before, another attempt at improving nutrition that backfired?

  9. Vicki says:

    Verrry interesting…

  10. bullwinkle says:

    /yowza I have a lot to catch up on!
    I’m on the “avoid grain” bandwagon. (Maybe for the same reasons, maybe not. I’m not analyzing.) And I try not to be fanatical about anything (except, maybe, this statement itself. And yarn.)

  11. Susan says:

    Gluten free stuff seems to be so much easier to come by than it once was. And there are tons of recipes out there, too!! Good for you for making the change and that it makes you feel better! That’s the best part. 🙂

  12. gayle says:

    Gluten sensitivity used to be the last thing doctors tested for; now it seems to be the first. Several of my in-laws are now in the no-gluten camp.
    But I would be stricken – I live for bread. I’d rather eat toast than chocolate…

  13. Jocelyn says:

    Crikey! You seem so at ease with this–I’m using your attitude as inspiration, if I ever should find myself playing around with diet thusly, in an effort to feel better. I’m just awfully glad you’ve found a solution to things you thought you had to live with.

  14. Carrie#K says:

    Poor Smokey! That would make me crazy.
    I really hope I never develop gluten intolerance, I’ll waste away.

  15. Helen says:

    Suddenly, there are gluten-avoidant people in my life. They’re creeping in all around me. It would be good to learn some good gluten free foods to share with them. (Heck, who knows, maybe gluten free would be good for me too. I’d love to feel less…. ungainly)

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