Knitting! (4)

Fourth: silk Montego Bay scarf.

DSCN0147 Silk scarf

Yarn: Alchemy Silk Purse, 2 skeins. DK, 100% silk single ply.
Needle: KnitPicks US#8 circ.
Pattern: Montego Bay by Amy Singer.

I originally announced that this yarn — also souvenir yarn purchased at Knitty City last year — was going to be a trianglular shawlette, but further thought led me to the conclusion that I would get more use from a long rectangular scarf. Several years ago I made a Montego Bay scarf that nearly drove me crazy; I simply could not keep track of the (2-stitch, 2-row!) pattern. But I wanted to conquer that pattern. I needed to conquer that pattern. And I did; this quickly became mindless knitting, so mindless that I could work on it in the evening after working on tax returns for nine or ten hours.

Have worn it multiple times, love it.

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0 Responses to Knitting! (4)

  1. Linda says:

    What a beautiful scarf! Love the color. And the pattern looks simple enough, though intricate. I love simple lace; I love mindless knitting because….most days…..that’s what…..I…am >.<
    ^ !
    Wishing you a very restful, great weekend, Kat.

  2. Lisa says:

    I love the Montego Bay! And now that I’ve got a better feed reader on the ipad, maybe I’ll read more blogs more often!

  3. Erika says:

    What a beautiful color, and so shimmery!

  4. k says:

    Do you “dress” for the office? I remember something about hippie socks…
    Is there a secret school of scarf … I can’t come up with an “S” word … slinging? I’ve seen that knot a few times lately.
    Verrry pretty, by the way.

  5. Kym says:

    I have knit this scarf pattern (and had trouble keeping track of the oh-so-simple 2-row pattern, too!) and just love it! It’s such a perfect accent piece for warm-weather wear. Yours is simply lovely. Makes me want to knit another. . .

  6. Soxanne says:

    Love the pattern – it turned out great.

  7. bullwinkle says:

    /sigh (see comment just posted on your next entry calendar-wise)
    My scarf languishes in a closet – I never get dressed up and wear it anymore. (Not that I regret that – just sayin’)
    I made the fringe on mine (and I love it – and I’m not a fringe person.) That yarn is so yummy I couldn’t resist.

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