Knitting! (3)

Third: a Moebius cowl from a class on same at Yarnover, taught by the totally delightful Silvia Harding. Yummy yarn; too bad I now find the color rather insipid.

Hannibal is not sure about this. Not sure at all.


Pattern: Moebius cowl. The exact pattern is not given at the link but is simply 4 rounds of knit and 4 rounds of purl repeated until the cowl is tall enough. The whole key to making a Moebius is in the cast on, which Cat Bordi demonstrates at the link.
Needles: I think I used a US#4 circ. Either that or a #5.
Yarn: Karabella Magrite, a sport weight 80/20 superfine merino/cashmere blend. It is sooo soft and perfect for next to the skin. I bought four skeins of it in Cara's destash five or six years ago. I think I may use a couple of my skeins to make another cowl, bigger and taller.

I gave the FO to Elder Son's landlady in Duluth, a family practice resident who provided him, and a number of other med students over the years, with a lovely place to live. Smokey delivered it when he traded cars with Son, and he said she was suitably surprised and pleased.



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0 Responses to Knitting! (3)

  1. Silvernfire says:

    Maybe you could overdye it to some more exciting color.

  2. Kym says:

    Insipid. Love that word. 🙂 (Cowl is nice, too.)

  3. Jocelyn says:

    I pretty much love that Smokey gets to deliver stuff you’ve made all over Duluth. That tickles me.

  4. Big Alice says:

    Heh. I really enjoyed the Hannibal-in-my-face picture this morning. Glad you found a good home for it.

  5. gayle says:

    I’ve been intrigued with the moebius knitting since the first time I read about it. I need to give it a whirl someday – and that looks like the perfect project!

  6. bullwinkle says:

    /snicker: insipid

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