Ten on Tuesday, the after-vacation edition.

Ten Good Things About Coming Home After A Vacation. Ten on Tuesday

  1. Sleeping in my own bed again. It may not be perfect (memory foam is not as great as it was proclaimed to be), but I love my bed. It is an adjustable one that we inherited from Smokey's parents and provides the only way I can comfortably read in bed. Given how much I like to read in bed, that is HUGE. I love my comforter, too, and my Very Own Special Down Pillows (although I now take those pillows with me on vacation).
  2. Having my kittehs around again. This is HUGE as well. Hannibal The Fluffball of Doom is the best kitteh I have ever had, and I have had cats since before I can remember. He is awesome — super friendly, completely pliable (how many kittehs will let you move them to where YOU want them to be, in the position YOU want them to be in, and not protest nor run away), a most excellent purr, and only sheds black hair, which is way less noticeable than orange or gray tabby fur. Even En Esch The Stoopid is preferable to no kitteh — he is dependably snuggly and tends to scoot outside at bedtime far less than his brother and so is available for snuggling while I am reading in bed (see above).


  3. Using my own computer again. Admittedly, the new iPad may make this less important, but there is something to be said for the computer with the perfect keyboard (yay, Mac!) and good speakers and all my music and a largish monitor and the perfect chair. And not having to make it to a library somewhere when they are open. (We tend to start the day around 3 pm. Or later.)

Really, those first two are the main things. I cannot come up with anything else. I used to sort of welcome getting back to a more productive routine, but ever since that 4-week vacation a couple years ago I am perfectly happy to be on vacation.. forever

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0 Responses to Ten on Tuesday, the after-vacation edition.

  1. Kym says:

    Perfect list! Who needs 10 things when 3 cover it all so well! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Carole says:

    You covered the most important things and that’s what counts!

  3. Vicki says:

    Ahhhh, vacation forever!!

  4. kathy b says:

    great little list. Are your cats Maine Coon? They are gorgeous. I love coming home to my cats…..

  5. mrspao says:

    Sounds great. I’m with you on those!

  6. gayle says:

    Maybe we need a Three on Thursday?

  7. Chris says:

    Nothing quite like sleeping in one’s own bed, and having one’s kitties around…

  8. soxanne says:

    sounds wonderful…enjoy!

  9. Yay for having big, fluffy kitties to welcome you home!

  10. Carrie#K says:

    A cat that will let you shift him around for your own comfort? Are you sure Hannibal’s a cat?

  11. bullwinkle says:

    7 more cats would let you make it ten. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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