Tax season = done!

Actually, Monday was my last day. Tuesday (today) was the all-day organizational meeting of the new county board. And it WAS all day — 9am to 4:30, phew. It took that long to revise the rules of order and to vote on committee assignments. I will have my third term on the finance committee (yay!) and managed to get myself elected to the public protection committee. I figure watching Perry Mason, The Defenders (remember them?), Boston Legal, L.A. Law, and every iteration of Law && Order qualifies me to serve on that committee. Right? Right?

The other exciting news is that I am writing this post on my brand-new iPad! What a fun toy. So far I have set up most of the same apps that I have on my iPod Touch — Gmail and some other Google apps, a couple Twin Cities TV stations for news, Skype, Twitter, a weather app, the Kindle app, Adobe Reader.

Something I figured out while doing all that was that the iPad would be the perfect way to read a daily newspaper again. We have been without a daily paper for most of the past 13 years since we moved to rural Wisconsin. The Minneapolis paper has never had daily delivery here; we subscribed to the St Paul paper for a few months but basically it sucks as a newspaper, we even subscribed to the NYTimes for a while — always at least a day late but still possibly better than nothing but not enough better to justify the cost. I really, really missed reading the morning paper –it and my breakfast and morning coffee had been a treasured part of my daily routine for many years.

All this is to say I subscribed to the iPad version of the NYTimes tonight.We shall see if it is worth $20/month. The iPad is plugged into its charger right next to my bed. I may start to start the day with the newspaper again.I''m getting excited just thinking about it!

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0 Responses to Tax season = done!

  1. Chris says:

    Yay for the end of tax season! And congrats on the new toy. πŸ™‚

  2. Kym says:

    Welcome back to the “real world!” I remember the post-tax season “high” oh-so-well. Such a great feeling! Have fun with your iPad! iLove mine. (Not only for reading newspapers and magazines and books — but for watching movies and PBS, too! While I knit. . .even better!)

  3. Vicki says:

    Oh, fun. I bought a Kindle Fire a while ago and have found that the wireless connection in our bedroom is stellar!

  4. christie says:

    I would say that NYT online is well worth the subscription cost. FWIW, the Strib has an online sub model as well. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

  5. sparrowgrass says:

    I bought an iPod recently, and totally adore it. The iPad sounds loverly, too.
    Yes, you are totally, totally qualified for your committee. You could probably be a doctor, too–I bet you watched Grey’s Anatomy and all the rest.

  6. Erika says:

    Welcome back! And enjoy your iPad!

  7. Shirley says:

    I love my iPad. I”ve had it for a year and use it almost exclusively. FYI: The Star Tribune app isn’t very good. I prefer the website. Enjoy!

  8. Soxanne says:

    Awesome! Welcome to the club.

  9. gayle says:

    Hurray for the end of Tax Season! (For all of us…)
    Congrats on both your appointments and your new toy. Hopefully you can still squeeze in some time for knitting!

  10. bullwinkle says:

    huh … you finished tax season before I did. (My own taxes, that is.)
    I love my iPad πŸ™‚

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