Kill Bill arrives!

I finished knitting Alex's Kill Bill scarf. (If you are reading this, Alex — here it is!)


Yarn: Sweet Georgia Tough Love sock yarn, "Kill Bill" colorway (no longer available
Pattern: Cinnamon Grace
Needles: Signature US#3 circ

The pattern was well-written, the knitting was nearly mindless (my favorite kind), the yarn was pleasant, the Signature needle was a dream. All in all, a successful project.

The pattern has the knitter make a slipstitch along the straight edge. Early in the knitting I had trouble keeping track in my mind as to which edge that was, so that straight edge — the one that does not get a ruffle — was not as neat it should have been.

Yellow 1

The bits sticking out are stitches where I did… something other than what I should have done.

So I got brave and dropped down that edge stitch.


I didn't do it recklessly; first I experimented dropping down just a few rows. When I found it was easy to pick up that edge stitch again, I got braver and dropped down farther (above)

Behold, a neat slip-stitch edge!


Fixing something right at the edge of knitting has always intimidated me. I feel more confident now. 

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0 Responses to Kill Bill arrives!

  1. Chris says:

    Successfully fixing my knitting always makes me feel more knitterly than actually knitting does. 😀

  2. bullwinkle says:

    Looking at your pix made me nervous – on the edge?!?

  3. gayle says:

    Yay! Makes you feel all bold and powerful, right? Like you could kick holes in anything you want to. Even obstreperous knitting…

  4. Soxanne says:

    Cool…both the scarf and the fix.

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