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2011: a year in knitting.

January. A Simple Things shawlette/scarf from two skeins of Koigu for Jen, our now-former librarian. In September she moved to La Crosse, where she manages the circulation desk at the central library. Finished off a long-standing UFO with attached i-cord … Continue reading

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That was Christmas.

We spent Christmas day with Alex and Matthew. It was delightful to see them hosting the gathering of our little family. They had clearly put a lot of thought and effort into the day — food (tossed salad and pad … Continue reading

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The Christmas letter.

It has been a good BAD! year here on Antler Lake. 2011 has been a hard year. The Jeep snowplow broke last winter and got stuck at the bottom of an icy hill, leaving us snowbound until spring. The freight elevator … Continue reading

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Can you name these Christmas Carols?

1. Oh, member of the round table with missing areas 2. Boulder of the tinkling metal spheres  3. Wanted in December: top forward incisors   4. The lad is a diminutive percussionist  5. Sir Lancelot with laryngitis  6. Decorate the … Continue reading

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Today is Alexandra’s birthday.

I will leave it up to you to decide which is Alex and which is Matthew.   Happy birthday, Alex (whoever you are)!

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Let’s see how well-informed my readers are.

Take this quiz at the Pew Research Center site and report your results in the comments. There are only 13 questions and the whole thing will probably take you less than a minute. From the email wherein I found this … Continue reading

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Did I ever show you this?

After searching the blog it seems to me that I never showed you photos of Alex's lace shawl after it was blocked. How I could have forgotten to do this is a mystery, since this is a project of which … Continue reading

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A meme! A meme!

Bold the ones you have done/used. Techniques:Bind off, any extra stretchy one Bind off, I-cord Bind off, sewn (photo, left) Bind off, tubular Bobbles Buttonholes Cables (photo, right) Cast on, any extra stretchy one Cast on, backwards loop Cast on, … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes with sheep.

Many thanks to Bullwinkle, who linked to this behind-the-scenes video in her comment on Saturday. (If none of this makes sense, welcome to my world take a look at Friday's post.) 

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Flash mob.

My alma mater has changed a bit since I was there. Somewhere in that crowd are my future co-workers 🙂

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