Gaiman tumblrFound here. Emphasis mine.

I hate to keep harping on this, but whatever happened to free speech?  Sure, The Powers That Be may not like the protesters and their message, but most of said protesters are not hurting anything. They are only trying to have their voices be heard. I have very, very mixed feelings (that I will not go into here) about demonstrations that interrupt the normal flow of daily life. Peaceful demonstrations that just ARE, are another matter.

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  1. Carrie#K says:

    That incident is horrifying. I don’t care what happened beforehand (which is my normal caveat to seeing clips), when that cop was spraying them with pepper spray – at least twice – they were sitting peacefully on the ground in a line.

  2. k says:

    Look at this picture.
    I assume you’ve seen that Egypt is justifying beating the crap out of protestors because the US is doing it?

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