Happy Wovember, people!

Wool buttonYou have probably seen references (I first typed "reverences", which may be appropriate in this case) to Wovember. I cannot decide if this is a British thing or if it is world-wide, but really, who cares? It is a chance to celebrate a wonderful fiber*.

A few facts cheerfully stolen cheerfully lifted gleaned from Wovember.com:

  • Unlike nylon, rayon and other man-made fibers, wool is a renewable and natural resource.
  • There are 1,000,000,000,000 sheep in our world, or approximately 1 sheep for every 6 people.
  • China and Australia are the top wool-producing countries in the world, tied at 302,000 tons each (that is 604 million pounds!).

One last factoid:

As far as their reputation for stupidity is concerned it turns out that sheep are not half so dumb as we have always assumed. Recent experiments have shown that sheep are really quite bright. They have the ability to recognise their shepherds and each other. Nor do sheep have a short attention span. It was proved that sheep could remember the faces of their shepherds and other sheep amongst whom they had lived for up to two years. Some sheep have also learned to roll across cattle grids on their backs and new measures may have to be taken in order to keep them penned in because it has also been shown that they can teach each other this naughty trick.

Alan Butler, Sheep: the remarkable story of the humble animal that built the modern world

Do go to Wovember.com and look around. They have lots more information about wool and sheep, plus an abundance of sheepie photos.


* A fiber that, tragically, I have some trouble wearing. Unless it is very nice merino, it itches. And unless the indoor temperature is somewhere south of 66˚ F, one that is too warm for this post-menepausal woman. But I persevere in my knitting of it…

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0 Responses to Happy Wovember, people!

  1. Kym says:

    Thanks for sharing — I actually have never heard of Wovember! But I do love wool. Even though it makes me itch, too.

  2. cursingmama says:

    Sadly I’m not a very good wearer of wool either, but I do love it anyway and have amassed plenty in the stash 🙂

  3. claire says:

    We keep our indoor temp pretty much around 60, so it’s woolies year round for us. I’m the only person working at TJs that is not chronically cold, happy happy with my wool socks and a small neck scarf sometimes if I’m in the freezer much.
    I just fell down and ordered Faroese wool (Sirri) to knit the Forbrydelsen jumper…the dark one with white stars that makes a reappearance in season 2. Love that show, love the sweaters, I think sofie gråbøl is da bomb!

  4. Linda says:

    Thanks for the info; will check it out. Funny story about the intelligence of sheep (rolling under the cattle fence. LOL!

  5. Soxanne says:

    Have you read “Hit by a Farm”? She writes a lot about how cool sheep are.
    (or did we already have this conversation?)

  6. Cookie says:

    Never heard of it but it does sound interesting.

  7. Vicki says:

    I’m in with most aspects of Wovember — and I haven’t read every word — but I think there must be more of a problem with fiber content labelling in the UK than here… or maybe I’m not paying close attention to how something is advertised as I automatically (almost compulsively) check labels when I’m shopping.

  8. Carrie#K says:

    I love to knit wool, not so much wear it. Wovember, eh? Sounds wovely!

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