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True colors.

                Thanks to Kym who posted this on Thanksgiving. It was so powerful I had to share. (I still get tears in my eyes when it plays.)

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Censorship (cont.)

                  Learn more about it, and what you can do MONDAY and TUESDAY here.    

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Marcel the Shell. With shoes.


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. . . . . . . . We took care of our grandson* #2 Son's and BGFE's dog for a week while they are in Louisiana for her grandparents' fiftieth wedding anniversary. Ser Percival The Energetic has been entertaining, to … Continue reading

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The annual knitting retreat with CPE credit.

. . . . Last Monday and Tuesday was the annual knitting retreat tax conference, 16 CPE credits paid for by my employer. As always, there was a lot of this.      But also there was this during lunch … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday.

. . . . . I haven't done a work-in-progress Wednesday in a coon's age. The time has come. Nothing you have not seen here before, but this IS purportedly a knitting blog… Starting with the oldest, the Tappan Zee … Continue reading

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Found here. Emphasis mine. I hate to keep harping on this, but whatever happened to free speech?  Sure, The Powers That Be may not like the protesters and their message, but most of said protesters are not hurting anything. They … Continue reading

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Found at, Brenda Dayne's site. * * * * * . Essential the same data portrayed in a different graphic, from Business Week: . Another couple enlightening graphics:  

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The first professional female pilot.

Sophie Blanchard, 1778 – 1819!!!!! A filmmaker and animator, Jen Sachs, is making a movie about her. Read about it here. Contribute to help make it happen if you are so inclined.

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Last week there was a small meeting at Mozilla to discuss SOPA, the Internet Censorship Bill. It was eerie. The DC groups were practically screaming, "this bill is the worst we've ever seen and we can't stop it" — while everyone … Continue reading

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