Not a bad time to do a little knitting.

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“The Occupy Wall Street movement has close to $300,000, as well as storage space loaded with donated supplies in lower Manhattan…They’ve amassed mounds of blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, cans of food, medical and hygienic supplies — even oddities like a box of knitting wool and 20 pairs of swimming goggles (to shield protesters from pepper-spray attacks). Supporters are shipping about 300 boxes a day, Strekal said.” [emphasis added by me]

(You can donate here if you are so inclined.)


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  1. Carleen says:

    You’ve got me following all sorts of links talking about this movement. What I liked best, and now I can’t remember where I saw it, was the simile between starting the Tea Party movement and the Occupy Wall Street movement. It’s unfortunate, but the Tea Party is essentially seeming to run the government. If they don’t get their way – nothing happens. Wouldn’t it be great to create another movement that is so strong that a new agenda, concerned more with the masses than the wealthy individual, were to take the lead?

  2. bullwinkle says:

    Skeins or usable balls o’wool? It’d be really hard to create a ball while running through the streets 🙂

  3. Soxanne says:

    Well, perhaps we should all go hang out with the protesters and knit them some supplies while we’re there…what day d’ya want to leave?

  4. Nancy says:

    Hmmm….It was the best of times it was the worst of times…..

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