Ten on Tuesday, the daily edition.

Ten A Bunch of Things I Do Every Day

  1. Brush my teeth.
  2. Take my meds.
  3. Have a grande-sized latte.
  4. Check my email.
  5. Read a few blogs.
  6. Think about knitting. Sadly, I do not get to knit every day.
  7. Play some word games on my iPod.
  8. Laugh.
  9. Admire my nails. Every summer my soft, weak nails grow longer because the summer humidity keeps them from breaking. Right now they are amazingly long (for me), longer than I have ever been able to grow them.
  10. Have a glass of wine and read before I go to sleep.

    When I am home at the lake there are a few more things:

  11. Snuggle the dog.
  12. Snuggle the cat(s).
  13. Pluck loose tufts of fur from the dog. She has been blowing her coat since July. It is truly amazing that she has any fur left, let alone the thick coat she still has.

    And when Smokey and I are both at home the list is even longer:

  14. Snuggle Smokey.
  15. Play online Boggle on my iPod with Smokey. We are killer in that game, although when speldrong (sic; that is her/his screen name) is playing we never come in higher than second.
  16. Eat ice cream before we go to sleep.


For your reading amusement, things I do NOT do every day:

  1. Shower. Daily showering is highly overrated, especially for those of us with dry skin.
  2. Wash my hair. Not necessary to wash it more than every five or six days. We live in the country; it just doesn't get dirty very fast.
  3. Comb my hair. If I am not going anywhere that day — and sometimes even if I am — my hair may remain uncombed. Lazy = me




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0 Responses to Ten on Tuesday, the daily edition.

  1. Carole says:

    Excellent list and of course I pet the cat every day. Wish I’d thought to put that on my list!

  2. Kym says:

    Love your list! 🙂

  3. Linda says:

    oooooh,ooooh, this sounds like fun! Can I play, can I play, can I…….(frantically waving arm over head)……..

  4. claire says:

    sounds similar to my lists….ah, snuggling the cats/pets should be everyone’s job description.
    I love word games, play lots of them on my IPhone too.

  5. sophanne says:

    You have no idea how the hair information pleases me. You are not alone in not doing that!

  6. cursingmama says:

    ugh – the pet hair is awful right now!

  7. Michelle says:

    I had a dog who was like that- she had been pretty heavily shedding for well over a year, but she still had a coat. It got to be so bad that when you would pet her, your hand would come away with a clump of fur! Still, she was a 14-year-old lab at the time, so I guess she was allowed to lose that much.

  8. Carrie#K says:

    It’s possible that I haven’t combed my hair today….and I’ve been at a meeting, the office, clients have tromped in and out. I’m assuming it looks fabulous. I’m not planning on challenging that assumption any time soon.

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