We had an unexpected pet that came along with us on our camping trip to the North Shore last month. A mouse had taken up residence within the back door of the mini-mini-motorhome.

Smokey first met Mr. Mouse (or Miss or Ms. or Mrs.; we never knew) the first Mouse1 afternoon we were at the campground. He (Smokey) was lying on the bed in the back of the mini-mini-motorhome playing Solitaire on his netbook — yes, we are THAT exciting — when he saw this cute little mousie face peeking out at him from an opening in the inner panel of the back door.

Let me explain: Smokey likes mice. He sees them as cute and furry little critters that could be a fun pets, never mind hantavirus or any other nastiness they might carry. Happily, he does not care to share his bed or his kitchen with them. He may be easy, but he is not crazy.

We saw Mr. Mouse a number of times in the van. Once he even ran across Smokey's leg while he was napping. Eventually, however, Mr. Mouse appeared in the right place at the right time — when a door was open — and he was evicted. We wished him well, figuring that he could easily adapt to his new MN, as opposed to WI, woodsy home.

The next day I picked up Lucy The Wonder Dog's water dish from the ground by the picnic table to give her fresh water. Guess who was hiding next to it? Apparently Mr. Mouse felt the need to stay close to something that smelled, even vaguely, like home.

I saw him again a couple times in that same part of the campsite, but he never made it back into the van. I hope he enjoys his new home on the North Shore. Lots of people would give their left arm to live there, and he even got a free ride.

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  1. Linda says:

    Ooohhh, cute story!! Or how about when they take up residence with you for the Winter? And they use your kitchen drawers like floors in an apartment building, moving from one to another!! I’m pretty sure there’s only 1, though. (Fingers crossed; opening all doors and drawers very….slowly……
    Hope you had a great time on the North Shore, despite the stow-away! Have a great weekend!

  2. soxanne says:

    I’m with Smokey – don’t mind mice (especially compared with other vermin).
    Our cat dragged one into the house on a rainy night years ago. It was quite a scene. Eventually the mouse was cornered in Fort Legorado, I picked him up by the tail and threw him out the back door. That mouse had quite the escape story to tell his family!

  3. Kym says:

    I wish I could transport a few of my chipmunks to a new home. . . very far away! (Once Brian transported a chipmunk to the hockey locker room, unknowingly, in his hockey bag. It was a big surprise to all involved. I think the chippy’s been raiding the concession stand at the ice rink ever since.)

  4. bullwinkle says:

    There’s a reason I have cats. At least one of them works 😉

  5. gayle says:

    If Mousie didn’t sneak back aboard when you weren’t looking, he’ll have interesting stories to tell, indeed. (Well, either way, he’ll have interesting stories…)
    We once had a chipmunk loose in the backroom of the store I work at. Since we sell birdseed, among other things, he was a very happy (and increasingly fat) chipmunk. We eventually caught him in a have-a-heart trap and the assistant manager released him in the woods behind her house. I often imagine him preaching to a group of chipmunks out there: “Brothers and Sisters! I have seen the Kingdom of Heaven and it is glorious!

  6. Cookie says:

    Oh my. No. Oh no. Just no.

  7. Carleen says:

    Because I think I’m pretty anonymous here I’ll tell a story. I was a church high school counselor on a missions trip to the mountains of Tennesee. The youth pastor was driving the bus and we were on the winding roads of the mountains when a small brown mouse jumped up on the engine next to the snub-nosed bus’ driver. He screamed and literally jumped up onto his seat while still holding onto the steering wheel. I, in the front seat, attempted to get the mouse to go towards the back of the bus when I noticed something actually acary. The bus driver actually had one wheel OFF the road and over the cliff for a brief moment. We looked at each other when we saw it at the same time. Neither of us said anything. He immediately steered the bus back onto the road and the momentum kept us for crashing over the edge to a fiery end. We NEVER told the kids what happened. They only heard him scream and woke up from their naps. And, we never even discussed it between each other – we just had knowing looks at each other when discussing the dangers of mountain driving. There, I said it and got it off my chest. Do I feel better? No, it still scares me to this day. Yikes!

  8. kmkat says:

    Oh.My.God. That is soooo scary.
    Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.
    Andre Gide                                                         =^..^=

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