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Ten on Tuesday, the daily edition.

Ten A Bunch of Things I Do Every Day Brush my teeth. Take my meds. Have a grande-sized latte. Check my email. Read a few blogs. Think about knitting. Sadly, I do not get to knit every day. Play some … Continue reading

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A sampling of quotes at the office, dating back to 2009:   "My nose is watering."  * * * * * "You looked like a cat, or something scary." * * * * * "I don't know how this happened, … Continue reading

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A new way to cut the highway budget.

Sorry, it is budget time at the county again, and I see everything in those terms. Project nid de poule (Project Pothole)

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I have accumulated four five FOs, four new yarns, two WIPs, and a whole bunch of photographs to share here. But this working thing? It cuts into my free time. Only 30 hours/week — not even full time — but still, … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday: the headline edition.

Ten Twenty-One* Headlines From The Year I Was Born.I couldn't help it; I was having too much fun to quit  South Africa institutionalizes apartheid.  For the first year ever, no African-Americans are reportedly lynched in the US. Margaret Mitchell, author … Continue reading

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Arrrhhh, mateys!

You know what today is, right? September 19 = International Talk Like A Pirate Day  Pirates are everywhere. . PIrates come in a variety of formats.   In my youth, a pirate always looked like this (Cyril Richard in Peter Pan). … Continue reading

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Two vacation photos.

Seen in the Northwood Cafe in Silver Bay, MN, where we had a most excellent breakfast (luckily, we were not wearing our work boots): * * * * * The water softener after we got home. Needless to say, the … Continue reading

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No, not a mouse. Worse! Dropped stitches in The Shawl Of Doom Wonder! I found the dropped stitches after I had bound off, in fact, when I was pinning it out to block it. Did I rip back to fix … Continue reading

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Today is the deadline for fiduciary tax returns — trusts — that were extended back in April. I am pretty sure it was the deadline for some other types of returns, too, but trusts were what I was working on.  … Continue reading

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Mouse (continued).

Guess who does not like flies? Lucy The Wonder Dog didn't mind the mousie in the van; she would have chased it for hours if she could. But the late-summer bloom of flies bugged her (heh, I crack myself up) … Continue reading

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