Out of nowhere… the next project.

Interweave is offering a download of Knit Accessories 2009 for 10 cents until August 29. Never one to pass up a bargain, I jumped on that bad boy immediately. Paging through it just now, I came upon this little lace shawlette/scarfy thing.


Given that I am now a lace knitter, this one appealed to me — small, quite open so it wouldn't take much yarn nor take forever to knit. Idly I perused the pattern. Hmm, Halcyon Yarn Silk Gemstone 2/5. I wonder is that is laceweight or what, I thought. 

Ravelry to the rescue.


Guess what I have in my stash, just waiting for the right project?


Just in case you are not familiar with that yarn, here are the deets.



I don't necessarily believe in kismet or karma, but this just seems… foreordained.

This yarn has always been intended for a lacy scarf. I had been considering Amy Singer's Montego Bay. And that would have been a lovely scarf, too. But this is better. We are leaving tomorrow for ten days on the North Shore, and a lace knitting project requires some uninterrupted knitting time at the beginning. Perfect.

::scurries off to pack the silk and needle and a tool /notions pack into its own special tote bag::

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0 Responses to Out of nowhere… the next project.

  1. tammy says:

    Meant to be.

  2. lisa says:

    ten cents?! Bargain!

  3. Kym says:

    Destiny. Serendipity. Kismet. Have a wonderful trip.

  4. sparrowgrass says:

    Stop at Kendalls and buy some smoked fish in my honor. Lordy, I do love that stuff.

  5. k says:

    Oh, shoot woman! I will be in Superior today! If I had known! (I could have waylaid you and made off with that yarn which sob! I loooove and it should belong to meeeee!!!)
    You’re right. The two of them go together.

  6. k says:

    And again, congratulations on being a lace-knitter. It is teh awesome.

  7. Cookie says:

    Of course, it was meant to be.

  8. bullwinkle says:

    Wow – meant to be 🙂
    Enjoy your trip!!

  9. Vicki says:

    Perfect!!! Have a great time.

  10. soxanne says:

    That is going to be lovely.
    Have fun!

  11. gayle says:

    I snagged that bargain issue, too. (And was delighted to find Koolhaas in it!)
    That little shawl looks like perfect travel knitting – enjoy!

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