Random musings.

I am a charter member of the apostrophe police, and I currently trying to find out who I need to arrest for this egregious overuse of the little curvy devils.

* * * * *

This year's birthday was quite restrained, but Smokey and I did go out for dinner at a very picturesque location nearby. Tthe menu turned out to be unimaginative, but the food was excellent and the setting was lovely.


* * * * *

The shawl is slowly coming off the needles, which leads me to the all important question: what to cast on next? Should it be the sweater on the left but done with vertical stripes like the swatch on the right (please turn the swatch 90˚ clockwise in your mind), using the Noro yarns below?

Screen-capture-2  DSCN0027

Noro greens  Noro light

Alex has requested a rugby-style doggie sweater for Percy, her and Matthew's rescued pit bull terrier, and has chosen yarn from my stash:

Percy  Percy's yarn  

I am all excited about lace knitting and am considering using some Rowan Calmer I bought on closeout at Webs for a Cece (but I would make it longer and with 3/4 sleeves):

Calmer  Screen-capture-4

(I am not fond of the color of the Calmer — color at right side of skein is truest — and am thinking of overdyeing it. Tea, for a browner tone? Rit, if I wanted dusky blue? Anyone have experience?)

There are a number of other project swimming in my head but I'll stop here.

* * * * *

I picked these wild blackberries three feet outside my front door.


Small but tasty.

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0 Responses to Random musings.

  1. Kym says:

    Lovely musings, all! I love Rowan Calmer — but I’ve never been a big fan of the colorways offered. I am intrigued by the overdye-ing concept (how IS that spelled?), so will watch with interest! (Other than tie-dye in my backyard, I’ve never tried any kind of dyeing.)
    Also — happy birthday! 🙂

  2. mary lou says:

    Happy Birthday – and you are an elected official. You should be able to fire someone who wrote “falls” – sheesh. I’ve used tea to overdye two different cream dyelots so they’d match. That worked out well for me.

  3. gayle says:

    Happy Birthday.
    A Pit Bull named Percy might as well have a lace sweater, just to carry the irony to its most extreme limits…

  4. Cookie says:

    Doggie sweater and Cece! It’s still too hot to think about a sweater made of Noro.
    You could make a tiny skein and try the tea. Or consult with our Joan and see what she thinks. ;^)

  5. bullwinkle says:

    Naked doggies will be cold in winter – they need sweaters. Winter starts soon. 🙂
    No, there are no dogs in my world that need sweaters. What are you talking about??

  6. Cathy-Cate says:

    I like the idea of tea. I’ve used RIT for tie-dye or re-dyeing cloth, but just worry about it for a yarn like Calmer, with the elite. Plus there is so much extra dye that doesn’t bind with RIT and you have to rinse and rinse.
    Tea sounds good!
    And, go with the project that makes you most excited….

  7. soxanne says:

    Happy birthday – sheesh, I even saw you on Friday and didn’t have it together enough to remember.
    Tea sounds great – and Calmer is a fabulous yarn. I’d skip the Rit.

  8. Big Alice says:

    Ooh, I like that sweater and that swatch. I think that would be lovely.
    Dyeing the calmer is a little tricky since it’s got that poly in it. The color of the non-cotton isn’t going to change, so whatever you dye it, it will still have that color in it – giving you a heathered shade. You’re probably best off with the tea; I’m not a huge fan of RIT since it has a reputation for not being very wash or lightfast.
    If you want a non-tea color, I can send you some fiber reactive dyes and some soda ash. It’s not very hard as long as you don’t want an exact shade.
    Oh yeah, I forgot: I finally found a business that correctly uses apostrophes – jewelry supply. You thumb through and find “jade” and “turquoise” beads. You know, next to the real stuff.

  9. kmkat says:

    I plan to try a swatch of the calmer in some tea. The heather effect would be great — I was hoping for that. Of course, I will blog the results:-)
    Thanks for offer of supplies, but that may be more involved than I want to get…
    Sent from my iPod

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