A little catching up.

I have two finished scarves, one for me and one for the Red Scarf Project, but you are not going to see them until they are blocked and attractively staged. Instead I will catch you up on other matters.

* * * * *

The other Olde Tyme Photo, this one of The Young Couple.


* * * * *

Last week Smokey asked me what I had planned for Friday. Nothing, I replied. Good, he said, I need you to drive me to the VA in Minneapolis. He was scheduled for an epidural injection of local anesthetic and steroids into his lower back in hopes of relieving his near-constant pain, and they would not perform the procedure unless he had someone to drive him home afterwards. He was apologetic about commandeering my day (I know you have other things to do) but all I could think was, I'll have to hang around the VA all day. Knitting time!

Such are a knitter's thoughts.

The procedure went fine, no reactions or after effects, and he ended up being the one to drive us back to Wisconsin after all. It has been two days now and he says it is a miracle to be able to stand up and walk pain free. If this hadn't worked, the next step would have been surgery. The pain stems from an old injury suffered when he fell off a ladder in the mid-1980s. X-rays have shown that there are vertebrae in his back that are nowhere near being in a proper lineup. Age, weight, and rheumatoid arthritis have combined in the past few years to make that injury a source of pain that sometimes even Vicodin doesn't touch. He (and I) are hopeful that he can resume a normal active life again: there are cars to be fixed! home repairs to be done! walks to take! trips to be traveled! The effects are temporary and the procedure has to be repeated every X months, but it is sooo much better than the alternative as long as it works.

* * * * *

Last Sunday I worked at the country fair, first at the library Friends booth, then at the booth for the energy fair later this month. It was hot, and as far as I know, there is only one small office in the entire fair park that is air conditioned; I was not in that office. It was very hot. It was very humidThink Louisiana swamp hot and humid.

I saw this sign in the fair society's office:

It made me smile in spite of my dripping brow.

* * * * *

Yesterday I helped at a pet adoption event at the local branch of Tractor Supply Company. (Click on that link today — Sunday, August 7 — and sign up for a chance to win a year's supply of pet food.) I was at the booth of the county's designated animal shelter (county rep on their board), and they were there as part of Tractor Supply Company's annual P.A.W. — Pet Appreciation Week. There were two or three other shelters and rescue organizations there as well. We all had a good time visiting each other's animals and, of course, talking to the people who stopped at our display and were interested in pets.

A few extremely poor photos taken with my iPod. This is Lulu, a 1-year-old energetic Boston terrier cross female scheduled to be neutered on Wednesday (shhh, don't tell her):


Meet Wendy, an adorable 2-year-old Jack Russell terrier spayed female:



I do not care for energetic, short-haired dogs — I want my animals to be calm and furry — but Wendy was an awfully nice little dog. A couple came by and were as taken with her as I was. They have a special needs child, aged 10, who needs a pet and were seriously considering Wendy. She may have a home soon.

Mary, the shelter director, with Margo, a beagle cross, and Linda, a volunteer dog walker, with Margo's leash (Linda, I apologize for the less-than-flattering photo, but I was concentrating on the dogs):


Angie, this sweet three-year-old spayed female Pug, went home with her new owner, who had found her on Petfinders and had been telephoning back and forth with the shelter for two weeks to settle the adoption. Yay for Angie (and Charlie, her new brother, a basset)!




* * * * *

And now, if you will excuse me, I need to go sit on the deck and knit. It is finally getting cool enough to be outdoors by choice.

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0 Responses to A little catching up.

  1. Kym says:

    Wow! Things have really been hopping up your way! Love the photo of The Young Couple (so happy for them); love that Smokey is getting some relief for his pain; sorry that you had to work sans air conditioning; AND . . . I cannot go near a dog-adoption fair . . . because I want ALL of the dogs. All. (Jenny came from a dog-adoption fair. It was only through physical restraint – Tom – that I did not bring MORE dogs home that day.)
    Now. Enjoy your knitting time!

  2. Chris says:

    Yay for relief from pain for Smokey!
    And yay that it was an actual nice day today.

  3. Sophanne says:

    Glad there’s relief for Smokey. Husbands in pain=not fun. Especially when it’s real pain and not the feel sorry for me pain.
    I’m with Kym on the adoptable dogs. Your pics made me think, “man do I LOVE dogs.”
    You are such a good community public servant. They are lucky to have you.

  4. bullwinkle says:

    I’m with Sophanne – they are lucky to have you 🙂
    And hope that works out for Smokey. Still love the old timey pix (yay for happy couples!)

  5. Cookie says:

    Thank goodness the shots helped Smokey. He’s got chores to do! ;^)

  6. Carrie#K says:

    I love those western pictures. They never seem to go out of style somewhere.
    Hopefully all the pets found forever homes!
    How’s Smokey doing? Did it help?

  7. Carrie#K says:

    P.S. I meant still helping. Days later.

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