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The earthquake report from a taciturn, low-key Scandinavian.

I emailed #1 Son in NYC to see if he felt the earthquake. His reply: Yeah, we were on the eighth floor of the pediatrics building, and it started swaying back and forth. We all thought of terrorist attacks or … Continue reading

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Out of nowhere… the next project.

Interweave is offering a download of Knit Accessories 2009 for 10 cents until August 29. Never one to pass up a bargain, I jumped on that bad boy immediately. Paging through it just now, I came upon this little lace shawlette/scarfy thing. … Continue reading

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Sunday evening, the golden hour.

Our sky was slightly overcast today but it was a beautiful day nevertheless — perfect temp, light breeze. Heavenly, especially after the heat and humidity we suffered for several weeks. I knit on the deck for a good while this … Continue reading

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Energy fair, or How To Have Fun While Keeping An Eye On The Toilets.

I volunteered at the Polk County Energy Fair today. Because I cannot walk very far or do heavy lifting or really anything remotely physical, my job was to check the women's bathroom every hour or so to be sure there … Continue reading

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Random musings.

I am a charter member of the apostrophe police, and I currently trying to find out who I need to arrest for this egregious overuse of the little curvy devils.  * * * * * This year's birthday was quite … Continue reading

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The home stretch.

This is the Shawl of Doom Loveliness being bound off. Only 300+ stitches to go…

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Free to good home.

I have a couple (2) mini USB 2.0 A to B cables that I bought in error on eBay — turned out I actually needed micro USB 2.0 A to B cables. First person to claim them and PayPal me … Continue reading

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There was a package in the mailbox when I returned to Wisconsin last night. Much to my surprise, it was NOT for Smokey (he buys a lot of things on eBay) but for ME.  I read the return address and … Continue reading

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Everyone knows about the April 15th tax deadline. It is covered on the news and detested by all taxpayers. But few know about the other deadlines: July 15 for a partnership return that filed for an extension back on April … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday: the produce edition.

Ten Things To Do With An Overabundance Of Produce Grate the zucchini and freeze it. Zucchini bread will always be welcome in February. Can the tomatoes, either as whole tomatoes, stewed tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, salsa, whatever.  Make jam. Take excess … Continue reading

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