Ten on Tuesday, the bumper edition.

My Ten Favorite Bumper Stickers.







I have a friend who has this one on her accordian case:




For Matthew:




This one works equally well for everyone, whether you are a gun-toting conservative or a tree-hugging liberal:




I have a coffee mug that says this.




Particularly appropriate for in Wisconsin these days.




This has been the signature line on my personal emails for a number of years. I heard it from the assistant librarian in Oshkosh, WI.




I have this on a t-shirt.




And now, my two favorites.



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0 Responses to Ten on Tuesday, the bumper edition.

  1. lisa says:

    What? my 61% didn’t make your list? (kidding!)

  2. Linda says:

    They just about cover it all! Love the “bumpers” and stickers! Keep ’em coming!

  3. Kym says:

    Most excellent list! (I have that t-shirt, too!)

  4. Carole says:

    We have several that are the same – no surprises there!

  5. Mary Lou says:

    Did Reagan really say that? After squashing PATCo? I hope he did say it, that’s a bumper sticker I might use.

  6. soxanne says:

    I was just at Northern Sun – it’s all I can do to resist turning my car into one of those that is covered in bumper stickers there are so many that I love.
    The accordion is new to me…excellent choices, all.

  7. Sophanne says:

    Yes, I heard WI mentioned several times tonight on the news. Darn those pesky people who want to vote…wait here’s an idea….

  8. Cindy G says:

    All Excellent 🙂
    My radical coffee mug says “I’ll be Post-Feminist in the Post-Patriarchy”. Pretty sure my next bumper sticker will be a simple “Recall Walker”.

  9. Carrie#K says:

    I love that Coexist bumper sticker. My dad’s cronies bought me a bumper sticker when I finally got my license (at age 18) “Gas, Grass or Ass, Nobody Rides For Free”. He would not let me put it on my(his) car. Another one I saw that cracks me up is “Jesus Loves You. Everyone Else Thinks You’re An A******”

  10. bullwinkle says:

    My coffee mug says “The way to avoid housework is to live outside.”
    Love the accordion one 😉

  11. Helen says:

    I’m perpetually looking for the CoExist one in magnet form. I have some weird thing about putting stickers on cars. (The magnets have the bonus that you can take them off for car washes, and put them back… ).

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