Catching up and stuff.

I am slowly catching up on blog reading, where catching up =  reading the blogs in my Google Reader Must Read folder and hitting Mark as read on all the rest. Or maybe it is the other way around, I'm not sure. The heat and humidity here are playing havoc with my brain.

I need to walk down the stairs, out the front door, into the mini-mini-motorhome and retrieve the bag of dirty clothes so I can do the laundry. Because I am wearing my last clean pair of underwear. (Knew you wanted to know.) But I have been procrastinating on that task for 5 hours so far and there are no indications that it it going to happen soon. Heat and humidity, you know

In the meantime I am catching up on blog reading. Because that is the most important thing to do right now. 

Not laundry.

Not grocery shopping.

Not unpacking the m-m-mh.

Not clearing the wild raspberry bushes that have taken over Lucy The Wonder Dog's poop yard.*

* * * * *

In knitting news, I now understand in a visceral way why people like knitting lace. It.Is.Addicting. As I emailed to BGFE earlier today, once I got into the flow of knitting the lace shawl it became like a good crossword puzzle or a particularly complex tax return: a challenge, but one that I knew I could work through.

I find myself scrutinizing things on Ravelry that involve lace. Scary, I know.

* * * * *

One teeny-tiny bit of news: #2 Son and BGFE are engaged (!)

We were notified by an email from #2 Son last Friday. I saw the subject line — "I'm engaged" — and burst out with something dignified like, Holy sh!t! Matthew's engaged! Smokey and I couldn't be happier for the two of them. They are so obviously delighted together and good with each other. They say they won't be tieing the knot for a couple of years, though, until she is through school. 

The happy family group, pre-engagement, in Hill City, SD:



Lucy cannot even get into it at present. Smokey has had to take her down the stairs and out the front door to the other side of the house, and that is not easy when one has rheumatoid arthritis and incipient heat stroke.

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0 Responses to Catching up and stuff.

  1. Kym says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How wonderful that Matthew and BGFE have found each other! Also wonderful that you have discovered the joys of lace. It really is cool, isn’t it?

  2. Kym says:

    PS — That photo is perfect! Best of the “genre”, in my opinion!

  3. Carrie#K says:

    Congratulations, Matthew!!
    Poor Lucy. Maybe you shouldn’t feed her. 😉
    If you wait long enough, I believe elves do your laundry for you.

  4. tut-tut says:

    Can’t even think of knitting in this heat, even with air conditioning. getting back to blogging and reading blogs, after a long hiatus.

  5. soxanne says:

    Congrats to you and Smokey and the kids!
    The photo is fab ~ Smokey’s beard couldn’t be more perfect for the occasion.
    Who needs clean clothes? It’s too hot to wear anything anyway.
    And lace knitting, yes. ~sigh~

  6. Sophanne says:

    Hooray for engagement! I hear you on the lace. That picture is awesome. Smokey makes the shot in a kind of ghost of civil wars past kind of way.

  7. gayle says:

    Congrats to the kids!
    Great picture. Smoky looks like he was born to that uniform.
    Lace knitting really is fun, isn’t it? (Except when it’s not…)

  8. Debi says:

    Yeah for the engagement, on the Underwear front, just head to the local TARGET and buy 3 new pairs, now laundry can wait til it is cooler!! Problem solved

  9. Chris says:

    Congrats to your son and his fiance!

  10. Cookie says:

    What wonderful news! Congratulations!
    Have you done laundry yet? ;^)

  11. bullwinkle says:

    That photo is wonderful 🙂 Well Done!
    Congratulations to the happy couple and related others!
    Underwear washes in the sink. And dries overnight 😉
    It’s too hot for the dog to go outside anyway. Well except for the clean up part.

  12. k says:

    She looks like she’s game for whatever you guys propose. So that’s good.
    Heat’s over, yay! I was looking at Antarctica weather for a while. Just so I could remember this would be over.

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