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Lucy The Wonder Dog.

Smokey and I were just discussing Lucy The Wonder Dog. We decided she is: Organic All-natural No preservatives Made in the US No trans-fats Low cholesteral Gay/lesbian/transgender-friendly (as long as the person in question smells okay and Knows How To … Continue reading

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It’s a two-fer day.

Late breaking news!   Matthew is part of the 4-man team Spoke Girl riding in a 24-hour bike race in Milwaukee*. They placed 2nd in their class last year; looks like they might win it in 2011! You can keep … Continue reading

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Wind! Rain! Crash!

As I sat at the computer reading my email this morning I noticed that the sky was getting dark. It kept getting darker. Then the wind started to blow and the black sky started spitting rain. I closed the windows … Continue reading

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Random on Friday.

I got carded last night when I ordered a Negro Modelo with my burrito bowl at Chipotle. x It was not enough that they looked at my birthday (which was in the first half of the last century), they had … Continue reading

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Thought for the day.

  Found in the Personal and Professional Ethics for Minnesota CPAs online course I am taking today.

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Ten on Tuesday, the bumper edition.

My Ten Favorite Bumper Stickers.         I have a friend who has this one on her accordian case:     For Matthew:       This one works equally well for everyone, whether you are a gun-toting … Continue reading

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Have you seen this?

Found here.  

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Thoughts whilst knitting lace.

When I showed you the tools that have helped me conquer this first lace project I left out a very important one: the needle. That is a 40" US#4 Signature circular needle, and it is the finest circ I have … Continue reading

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My boy young man.

From City Pages:

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Catching up and stuff.

I am slowly catching up on blog reading, where catching up =  reading the blogs in my Google Reader Must Read folder and hitting Mark as read on all the rest. Or maybe it is the other way around, I'm not … Continue reading

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