Ten on Tuesday, the salad edition.

Ten Things To Put In A Salad.

  1. Romaine lettuce. Always romaine, never iceberg. Romaine
  2. Good tomatoes. Most of the year they might be cherry tomatoes or they might be the expensive, imported-from-Holland kind. For a few short months — weeks, really — they can be locally grown. (In Tomatoes the Midwest, Bushel Boy™ are pretty good in the off-season. They were developed to grow in greenhouses and have decent tomato flavor.) 
  3. Fresh mushrooms, sliced.
  4. Feta cheese, cubed.
  5. A couple paper-thin slices of onions, cut in half and separated into half-rings.

  6. Kalamata olives, preferably pitted. If pitted kalamatas are not available, Kalolives go for kalamatas with pits and warn the diners to watch out. Do not substitute some other, lesser olive. You have been warned.

    What you have above is my standard salad, the one that #1 Son refers to as The Mom Caesar Salad Balsamic . Dress it either with creamy caesar dressing or balsamic vinaigrettes; my preferred brand is Cardini's.

    Other possible additions:

  7. Sliced cucumbers.

  8. Pecan halves. Never walnuts. Walnuts are bitter; pecans are rich and slightly sweet.

  9. Sprinkling of dill weed. Odd, but good.

  10. Sprinkling of Kraft parmesan (if there is no feta in the house).

There you have it: The Kat™''s recipe for tossed salad. To make the salad a meal, add tuna, diced cooked chicken, or julienned strips of salami, ham, turkey, or beef. Bon appetit!

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0 Responses to Ten on Tuesday, the salad edition.

  1. Patty says:

    Delish! I’m on the way! 🙂

  2. Carole says:

    Sounds delicious. And I love that you make this often enough that it has a name. Mom Salad. Perfect!

  3. sophanne says:

    better stil… garlic stuffed kalamata olives!!

  4. Guinifer says:

    Kowalski’s makes a salad with cranberries, chicken, feta, and walnuts (with a mystery dressing that I love), and it’s my favorites. The best is when I get a bite of lettuce, walnut and cranberry all at one go….yum!

  5. Kym says:

    Mmmmm. Sounds so very tasty. (Everything is delish with Kalamata olives. . . pitted or no.)

  6. Chris says:

    Cukes hate me and I hate them in return. I like tossing raisins in for a dash of sweet.

  7. Cookie says:

    Walnuts are evil. That is all.

  8. mk says:

    I hear ya about the Kalamata olives. I always regret it when the only option is regular black olives (as is the usual at the hospital where I work), and I put some in my salad. I should learn to skip the olives unless Kalamata are available.

  9. gayle says:

    Perfect! And even better when the romaine, onion, and tomatoes come out of your own garden…

  10. bullwinkle says:

    oh … where does one find garlic stuffed kalamatas??? I’m totally distracted in my comment by your commenter.
    Dude hates olives. 🙂 more for me.
    It is officially June and in my house it is officially Salad Season. I never tire of the trade mark version, although I swap out the cheese and herbs, and add cukes for the Olive Hater. Then I make him grill something and call it “supper”.

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