Remember that post about birds?

I forgot one.


The rose-breasted grosbeak was one of my favorites back in my coloring book days. Such fun to color that bright pink triangle on the white breast!


I forgot this one because we don't see them around here, 9519map even though we are smack in the midst of their range (right). I suppose this one is transiting to greener forest farther north. Too bad, I'd love to have him and his mate — wherever and whoever she is — hang around our feeders. We have the right habitat, too: 

Open woodlands near water, thick brush, large trees near open areas, marsh borders, overgrown pastures, dense growth of small trees, woodland edges, gardens, parks.

"Open woodland near water"? That's our front yard!


This guy was really, really, really persistent, too. I first noticed him as he attempted to perch on top of that thermometer attached to the window. He seemed to be trying to come into my office — maybe he needed to check his email.

When he couldn't get into my office he tried getting into the porch.


(Photo taken through screened window, obviously. Sorry)

He was completely unafraid of the person (me) moving around in my office, getting out my camera, walking around trying to get good shots. He hung around for probably five minutes.

DSCN0032(Another screen-ed shot. As unafraid as he was, I doubt he would
have hung around while I rattled the screen out of the window frame.)

Perhaps it was the attraction of the feeder, or perhaps he is into interspecies homosexual relationships and was enamored of this male goldfinch.

Whatever. I hope he comes back.

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0 Responses to Remember that post about birds?

  1. Kym says:

    Oh, wow! What great photos of an elusive bird! We had one in at our feeder for a day last year. I keep hoping to get one (or more!) again. Such a lovely bird. What a treat.

  2. Carole says:

    We have them here but I’ve never seen one. That’s so cool that he hung around and let you get those photos.

  3. mary lou says:

    We have goldfinches but haven’t seen a grosbeak. I saw a baby great horned owl in the woods on Wed. Very cool.

  4. Cookie says:

    What a pretty bird. I hope he comes back once he’s found a life partner.

  5. Carrie#K says:

    Very cool looking bird!
    I doubt he’ll come back. You didn’t let him check his email and didn’t even offer him coffee. Tsk.

  6. bullwinkle says:

    Great pix! How nice of him to hang around for our viewing pleasure. Ours is much less accommodating. (Yes, that means I’m boasting that there’s usually a couple in our neighborhood that we/neighbors all talk about seeing. They haven’t been spotted yet.)

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Nice catch, he’s a lovely one.

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