My one comment on the royal wedding: did anyone else but me think that Kate needed a hand-knit cashmere/silk shawl around her shoulders during that open carriage ride? Every other female at the wedding (except that one granddaughter who sat next to Beatrice's unfortunate hat) had on a coat or jacket of some kind, the men were in wool uniforms and suits, and there She was in sheer lace and silk. The poor thing must have been freezing.

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Thought(s) for the day:


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There is the tiniest hint of spring in the woods. Taken last weekend:


Can you see them? Here, let me help you:


Round-lobed hepaticas, always the first to bloom. They range from white to deep purple and are a welcome sight every year.

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  1. Kym says:

    I agree! Kate needed a handknit! Love the hepaticas. I have some blooming in my front “wooded area” now. Finally. It’s coming. . .

  2. Cookie says:

    There was a wedding? Anyone we know?

  3. Dani B says:

    I agree about the need for a wrap of some kind in the open car, but handmade fiber arts were indeed featured…the lace in the cathedral dress was handmade at Hampton Court Palace in London and featured nationalist flowers (rose, daffodil, shamrock and thistle). So no knits, but amazing textile details anyway! (and the ladies in coats were lying about the temperature…it was about 18C here on Friday afternoon!)

  4. Chris says:

    Well, if we hit the forecast high of 48F, we’ll last year’s low temp for May 2…

  5. Jocelyn says:

    And then The Duchess, as I like to call her now, went and wore that fuzzy shrug thing to the night-time reception…instead of letting YOU knit her a piece even more lovely and appropriate. She’ll learn. She’s young yet.
    Don’t dare tell you about spring here. Well, wait: it does rain a lot of days for a little while. Otherwise, I daren’t tell you.

  6. Carrie#K says:

    Possibly all the flashing lights kept her toasty warm. At least she didn’t borrow one of William cousins hats.
    I just read your tax stuff!! LOL about not paying any attn to the stuff in parenthesis! Don’t they just do stuff like that? Crazy. I had someone bring me their rentals info today – just a single number. Because that was their income. /headdesk.

  7. gayle says:

    Huzzah for flowers!
    My daffodil bloomed today. Hopefully the rain that’s coming won’t pound it into the dirt…

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