Epic poetry and how it began.

I found this through Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips.

Wha-at? Surely you are not surprised to learn that I, the nerdiest of your favorite nerdy bloggers, reads a grammar blog? How else do you think am I able to write such consistently grammatically and syntactically and punctuarially perfect prose? (Oh, I can hear you groaning and doing the ::headdesk:: out there. Sure, I make that occasional goof. That's what makes me so lovable, right? Never mind.)

I read another one, too, by Harmless Drudge*, who is a dictionary editor and the producer of much dry hilarity. I would link to a particularly amusing post here, but her version of WordPress does not seem to allow for that. Crap. My favorites are the ones where she responds to letters to Amalgamated Language, her fictionalized employer; page through her posts until you find one. You will not be sorry.

Harmless is also a published knitter, but that is beside my point here. Do read that article on knitting two socks at once, though; it will blow your tiny little mind just like it did mine. Way back when I discovered her, she was writing a series of posts that explained the parts of speech — nouns, verbs, etc. — by the analogy of a family picnic. I didn't search her archives well enough to find them but you are welcome to do so.

There you have it. Nerd post by nerd blogger about fellow nerds. Nerds rule!

* Tragically, that blog seems to have languished pretty much into oblivion. But hark! The Google to the rescue! She has a newer one! Read away to your heart's content! Harmless seems to blog only about once a year, but still, that is better than no blogging at all.


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0 Responses to Epic poetry and how it began.

  1. gayle says:

    Love it!
    And nerds do indeed rule!

  2. Norma says:

    Sorry it took me so long to catch up on this! I am in zone 3/4 and I have some lavender that thrives here, and even has spread a bit. Here is the sad thing: It was planted here by our original landscapers, who have long since vanished from the face of the earth, so I have no idea where they got it. Sadly, too, this lavender does not seem to transplant well, as I have tried and tried. It is thriving in the original planting spot, BUT we have since planted trees nearby that have GROWN and so they are shading the area. (duh) and so some of that lavender is dying off and I don’t know the variety and … and…. and. Guh.
    Have tried to plant several other varieties over the years, and none of them survive the winters. 😦

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