Ten on Tuesday, the non-knitting edition.

Today's topic is a fun one: My Ten Favorite Non-Knitting Blogs.

  1. Confessions of a Pioneer Woman I think I have absorbed some of her writing style
  2. Neil Gaiman's Journal One of my favorite people in the world. He lives in Wisconsin, you know, about 90 miles south of me. My friend Colleen's husband, a retired English teacher, had his son in his English classes.
  3. The Bloggess Side-splittingly funny in a NSFW kind of way.
  4. Hyperbole and a Half
  5. LOLcats (of course!)
  6. XKCD
  7. Tuvalet Nerede? This is written by a husband and wife from Duluth, MN, who are currently on a one-year sabbatical. They packed up themselves and their 2 kids and moved to a tiny village in Cappadocia in Turkey. She is an English professor by trade and a hilarious and insightful and honest writer. We read each other's blogs but have never met (yet).
  8. I Heart Germany Eurolush, aka Lushie to her blogverse friends, is an American expatriate who lives in a tiny village in Germany with her husband, two kids, and dog. She is currently obsessed with mushroom ornaments and perennially obsessed with German beer and pastries (although not simultaneously) and takes marvelous photograhs.
  9. The Morning News A good source of news, including non-mainstream kinds of things.
  10. Ikea Hacker Oh, to be so clever and handy!

There are a number of others whose headlines I skim daily — Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Boingboing, The Oatmeal, The Daily What – and others I read regularly – Cute Overload, The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, and The Big Picture that didn't quite make the top ten.

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0 Responses to Ten on Tuesday, the non-knitting edition.

  1. Carole says:

    My Google Reader subscriptions are growing a lot today!

  2. gayle says:

    Oh, dear. I already subscribe to several of those, but looks like I’ll be adding to the list again.
    Just when I thought I was getting it under control…

  3. Chris says:

    What about pitter pats of baby cats? 😀

  4. cursingmama says:

    Ever read “Steam me up kid dot blogspot dot com”
    Very most excellent side splitting humor!

  5. Kym says:

    I knew I’d be in trouble. Knew it! I should just Not Read the Ten on Tuesday posts today.

  6. soxanne says:

    You introduced me to The Bloggesss and I love her, so now I’ll have to go check out the others.

  7. Bullwinkle says:

    I’ve been … uh … checking out everyone’s Ten on Tuesday posts 😉
    Yes, you introduced me to The Bloggess some time ago and, now, Neil Gaiman. (Excellent, like I have nothing else to do …)

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