WIP Wednesday.

Today's WIP is brought to you by Twinset Ellen via Carrie K.


This is the beginning of a 2×2 ribbed hat intended for either Senator Ron Johnson or Rep. Sean Duffy, both of Wisconsin and two of my three guys in Congress. The previously mentioned Ellen and her friend Alison have started a project they call Warm Heads, Not Hot Heads.

Here is Ellen talking about the project:

"Pick a Congressperson for whom you’d like to knit a hat. You don’t have to agree with their politics, in fact it may be a more enriching experience for you if they don’t." 

And Alison (emphasis mine):

"Invite any and all knitters who would like to join in to knit a hat…for their own congressional representative, whether Senate or House.  Ask them to email me, perhaps send a photo or link to a Ravelry project, and let me know to whom a hat has been sent. I can track who is being covered (literally!) and if anyone wants to knit more than one hat, they can send them to me and I’ll handle mailing them to a rep who hasn’t received one yet.

"I’d like to write a standard note to go with it, to which any knitter could add her own personal message. I’m also thinking how cool it would be to design a hat for it, but I am also telling myself to keep it manageable. (Her husband) suggested that the hats be purple, a blending of red and blue, but I told him I want them to be worn!…After thinking on it all week, though, what is really compelling me is to highlight the need for civil discourse even over things we disagree on.

Ellen's letter to accompany her hat(s):

Dear Congressperson,

This hat was hand knit with care for you.  Many of your colleagues will also be receiving hats from knitters of all political stripes and from all around the nation.

Why a hat?  Knit hats meet a simple need for warmth.  They are an every day comfort.  Everyone can use a good hat.

Civil political discourse also meets a simple need – the need for our government to have the best information and insights from many viewpoints.  It would be an every day comfort to me and many other Americans if the airwaves were free of hate-filled rhetoric, and it would lead to good government.   As I’m sure you agree, everyone can use good government.

Thank you for your service, and best regards,


P.S.  More information about this effort, Warm Hats, Not Hot Heads can be found at http://twinset.us/?p=3732 or http://spindyeknit.com/2011/01/lets-change-the-world/.  If you can not personally use this hat, please donate it to a worthy charity.

You can find out more about the project at either of the linked sites, above. For myself, I am knitting for two people whose political views are pretty far from my own. The yarn is some lightweight worsted superwash merino I got recently from Smiley's Yarns, and, yes, I would wear it myself.

* * * * *

Screen-capture-4 The other WIP that has been pending for w-a-y too long is my name-the-glass-head contest. Remember that? I didn't think so.

There were 16 entries (so much for bringing out the lurkers), each of whom suggested a dandy name.

And now… (drum roll, please)

…the winners are… (suspense mounts)

Gayle, for "Bubbles" (my favorite*)


Sophanne, for "Ida Lee." (the random winner).



Winners, check your email. Check your spam folder, too, since I foolishly made the subject line "You won my contest!" which is sure to be flagged as spam.




* "Marie Antoinette" was a close second (headless, get it?) but was ruled out on the basis of length. I couldn't see myself using a five-syllable name. Gail, you lost only because of my laziness energy efficiency.

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10 Responses to WIP Wednesday.

  1. gayle says:

    Woohoo! Thank you, thank you! (I love starting the day a winner.)

  2. Amanda says:

    What a great idea with the hats for Congress, I may have to consider making one myself 🙂
    Also, are those harmony needles. LOVE THEM!

  3. Kym says:

    LOVE Bubbles! It’s so perfect! 🙂 Also. . . trying to get my “head” around the knit-for-your-congressperson project (ha ha). Great idea.

  4. Bullwinkle says:

    Marie Antoinette is a great name. (Wish I’d thought of it!)
    But Bubbles it is 🙂
    Congratulations to the winners!

  5. Cindy G says:

    Hmmmm, to actually spend time knitting something for Ron Johnson…boy I would really have to suck it up. I expect there’s good karma in doing that, sounds like an interesting project. Right now, maybe the best I can do is to try and send him some very polite emails about where I disagree with him.

  6. k says:

    Spending time to knit something for Sean Duffy won’t be any bundle of joy, either. My I’m-a-buddhist-and-should-be-less-judgmental self applauds you.
    Exactly why didn’t I enter that contest?

  7. Warm heads, not hot heads? That is genius!!!!!

  8. Carrie K says:

    One less hothead! Maybe. Magical hats?
    Congrats to the winners! Totally don’t remember that.

  9. Chris says:

    Congrats to the winners!!

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