Knitter down.

I woke up this morning feeling what my father used to call "punk" — ouchies in the midsection. This was really too bad, as abdominal ouchies can generally be cured by a good long session in the bathroom. Not these, though. Nothing was gonna help these ouchies. The timing was unfortunate as I had planned to run a bunch of errands today.

Smokey took one look at me, pale and wan in the bed, and decided that he would take care of the errands — pay the first half of the property taxes, due today; pick up the dog meds at the vet that we forgot when we were there a couple weeks ago (more on that another time); buy dog food; take the recycling to the recycling center, etc., etc., etc.

By the time he left I felt worse. After he had been gone awhile I was in tears because the pain in my midsection was Making Me Very Unhappy. Underneath it all was the fear that whatever it was that led to the gall bladder ultrasound and the pancreas CT scan in December Was Back and that I would be dead within the month. 

Eventually I took my temperature and discovered I had a slight fever — yay! I have an infection of some kind, a bug! Not cancer! W00t! 

Appendicitis seemed a possibility. Generalized pain in the upper abdomen and fever. Hmmm. I was on the verge of calling Smokey on his cell — hoping that he had his cell phone turned ON; he is often reluctant to do so — and having him come home and take me to the emergency room. But the thought of crawling the 15 feet from my bed to the phone was just too much. I lay there and worried and moaned and cried and felt really, really sorry for myself.

I realized I was thirsty, so took a sip from the water bottle by my bed.

And immediately felt the upper abdominal spasms… relax!

It was a medical miracle, I tell you! I took a few more sips for good measure and suddenly I could relax and fall asleep. Nurse Hannibal, aka The Fluffball Of Doom, curled up tightly next to my face to ensure pleasant dreams. By 6 pm I was able to be up and even consider a light supper.

And that is how I spent my Monday. How about you? 


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0 Responses to Knitter down.

  1. tammy says:

    Yipes! That’s terrifying. Glad you are feeling better now.

  2. Kym says:

    Oh, my! I hope you’re back to your normal feeling-fine self. (If the weird pains come back, don’t delay! Once Tom had similar stomach issues. I told him for three days to quit being such a whiney baby, which is his tendency. I still feel bad. . . because he had to have emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix. Oops.)

  3. Jeff says:

    When Arianne was little we often administered “water medicine”. It often seemed to work.

  4. Jeff says:

    Glad you’re feeling better, BTW.

  5. Chris says:

    Ack!!! I hope the ouchies stay gone.

  6. Cindy G says:

    Hope that by now you are feeling fine – have to admit I was thinking “appendix” mid paragraph.

  7. Erika says:

    Wow, that’s weird! Gastric reflux, maybe? Like, killer heartburn?
    (Of course, I run a fever at the drop of a hat. So it’s not as big a symptom for me as it is for other people. I will literally start running a fever if I just get really tired.)

  8. Angle says:

    Oh, I hope the evening was much better and Tuesday is a Knitter Up day. Feel better!

  9. soxanne says:

    New miracle drug: water! Who knew?
    Glad you’re cured.

  10. claire says:

    Are you a migraineur by any chance? There are such things as abdominal migraines, and having had them myself, can attest to the horrific pain and “end-of-the-world” mood which accompanies them. Ginger is very good Chinese Medicine for transient abdominal misfunctions; sometimes acupressure point LI4 (web between thumb and index finger) and sole of the foot as well might help.
    Hope you feel 100% soon and it never returns!

  11. Bullwinkle says:

    Wow – glad you’re feeling better. (and may it never recur!)

  12. Cookie says:

    Holy Crap!
    Thank goodness the water did the trick!

  13. Carrie K says:

    Wow, that’s really awful. Nice that water did the trick but tricky!

  14. tinebeest says:

    Oh that sounds like a horrible way to spend the day, until water came to the rescue.
    glad to hear things got better that easily. Now here’s to hoping it stays away!

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