Ten lights, the meme.

I was tagged by Jen, who didn't actually explain what the meme was. Judging by her post, I think it means ten things that make me light up with pleasure. So I will go with that.

1. When Hannibal The FluffBall Of Doom realizes at 2 a.m. that he is cold and decides to
come snuggle my head and sleep on my ear and purr. And give my nose or temple the occasional sleepy lick.

2. When I remember, whilst lying in my cozy warm bed in the chilly, chilly bedroom in the morning, that if I get up and get dressed I can have… COFFEE!

3. Noticing that I have a bunch of tabs open and remembering that two of them concern my

registration for the 2011 Yarnover. Ah, the exquisite joy and pain of narrowing my class choices down to just two! Or one, if I decide to take an all-day class instead of two half-day classes. So far I have it narrowed down to three all-day classes, three morning classes, and five afternoon classes. Decisions, decisions

4. YouTube. By searching YouTube I found video tutorials for Japanese short rows and double knitting in colors. This means I can eliminate those two classes from my Yarnover list. Now to search for Bavarian and Austrian twisted stitches. If I can learn those from YouTube I will have eliminated the all-day class on my list.

5. When Smokey says, Hey, ya wanna do some quizzes? We have done the Asimov Superquiz on the Star Tribune website for years but now he has found a website with a seemingly infinite number of trivia quizzes. Yeah, we are nerds, but we are happy nerds.

6. Casting on a new project. Binding off a finished project. Which is better? Yes.

8. Turning the key in my car and having it start right up. That may not seem like much, but when the temperature is somewhere south of zero degrees Fahrenheit, it is a downright miracle. Definitely smile-worthy.

9. Super-cold weather. It means I can bundle up when I venture out — Dimorphous mittens on my hands, Noro striped scarf wrapped around my neck, Calorimetry to cover my ears, double-thick wool socks on my feet. Plus the bedroom is extra chilly so we both sleep better, snuggled down under a couple-three comforters with a dog and/or cat(s) for extra warmth. I'll be tired of it by March, but for now I am enjoying it.

10. How pretty the world is when the weather is this cold. The snow is pristine and
white, like the frosting on a cake. When the sun shines the world is brilliant and sparkly.




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0 Responses to Ten lights, the meme.

  1. Mary Lou says:

    Do tell us where the trivia quiz site it. Nerds want to know these things.

  2. gayle says:

    I don’t mind cold weather, really. As long as I don’t have to go outside in it. (Oh, how I wish my job had a work-at-home possibility. Or that the animals could come in and get their own damn breakfast…)

  3. Amanda says:

    I love wearing knitted stuff when it gets cold. Although here in CA 40 degrees is cold…

  4. Jen says:

    Yup, you got the instructions right! I think Hannibal and Pammy are kindered spirits.

  5. soxanne says:

    I look forward to seeing you at Yarnover!

  6. claire says:

    One of my fluffballs doesn’t bother with sleeping on my head, her spot is under the covers, snuggled spoon-wise to me, with her head on my shoulder…purring like mad. The others have to make do with on top by ankles and knees.

  7. Cookie says:

    Wonderful list!

  8. Carrie K says:

    That last icy picture is lovely but can’t hold a candle to the expression on Hannibal’s face in the first photo. Priceless.

  9. tattytiara says:

    The Fluffball of Doom is absolutely precious – he looks a lot like my Annette!

  10. k says:

    We notice that Hannibal the Fluffball of Doom is being handled by someone wearing a leather coat…
    I love winter. I need warmer boots, and then there will be no stopping me.

  11. Bullwinkle says:

    Yes, yes: where is trivia site??
    I love this list – so happy!

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