Vote in November. Please.

Two people*, who are both my friends on Facebook but who live 1,400 miles apart and have never met and probably never will, both posted a link to this video. I took that to be a sign that I should spread the video a bit further.


* Fred was in my Jeopardy! audition group; unlike me, he appeared on the show, was a three-day champion, and won, iirc, $60,000+. Dorothy is a [former?] knitblogger who lives in the Pacific NW. Hi, Fred! Hi, Dorothy!

Fred dorothy

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0 Responses to Vote in November. Please.

  1. dorothy says:

    Hi Kat!
    Isn’t that a great video?! I still knit but my knitting blogging has definitely been absent, eh? Lately, I have been working on an unusual David v Goliath ballot measure.

  2. Gillian says:

    Although the video is for the US, several parts of Canada (some major cities) are voting around the same time, and we sure need to get the vote out here too. Just need to change a few faces in the video.

  3. marianne says:

    It always feels like such a hopeless thing in OK (possibly the reddest smucking state evah) but I ALWAYS get out and vote! have seen that video everywhere and YES!

  4. Chris says:

    *makes note to mail absentee ballot*

  5. cursingmama says:

    Already have my ballot 😀
    Loved the video

  6. gayle says:

    I would vote a dozen times if they’d let me…
    My husband showed me that video – best incentive to vote I ever saw!

  7. soxanne says:

    Thanks for that.

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