Free to good home.


Edited to add: We have a taker! Thanks, Jeanne; I am sooo glad to get rid of one more pile of stuff.

I cleaned out a corner of my bookshelf/bedroom yesterday* and decided that I did not need to preserve my copies of Interweave Knitting. They are free for the cost of postage to anyone who wants them — one, several, all.

2007: Spring, Fall, Winter
2008: Summer, Fall
2009: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
2010: Spring, Fall, Winter

There's also the Fall 2007 issue of Knit Simple if anyone wants that.

E-mail me (addy at upper right sidebar) with your desires and your zip code. I'll get back to you with how much it will cost. Payments by PayPal or personal check. Offer good until midnight Friday, October 15, at which point the mags will hit the recycling bin, never to return.

I also have a couple years of Wisconsin Counties magazine if anyone is interested in those…

No, I thought not.

* I am attempting to follow a rule I read somewhere a few months ago: get rid of one thing every day. What with all the traveling we have done the past month or so I have fallen behind, but Sunday's efforts made up for it. A bunch of shoes and tote bags are now in the Goodwill box and a pile of books is in a bag for the library.Tomorrow, who knows? Maybe I'll get rid of a dog cat refrigerator something else.

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0 Responses to Free to good home.

  1. Lucia says:

    Dang! Jeanne beat me to it.

  2. Big Alice says:

    Sigh, I wish I was better at getting rid of stuff. I just seem to get worse lately.

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