Dogs on vacation.

Dogs don't talk much, so this post is mostly pictures. And smells.

Dogs horse "That is one funny-lookin' dog, guys."

There were dogs everywhere in Buffalo, Wyoming, mostly in the backs of pickup trucks. We spotted these two in the parking lot of the diner where we had breakfast one day.

Dogs truck 1

They spotted us, too.

Dogs truck 2

And then they spotted our dogs in our van.

Dogs truck 3
"Hey, you two dogs in the van there? This is our parking lot!
You can stay, though… for a price."

* * * * *

We met a couple of sweetheart dogs at the private campground where we stayed near Glacier. They belonged to the campground owner, who was a sweetheart of the human kind.

The dogs; meet Pork Chop (white) and Mattie (brown).

Mt dogs

I think one was a bull mastiff (perhaps; this is all very hazy in my memory b/c it was (omg!) three months ago). The other was a breed I don't remember. Both of them were big softies, the following photos notwithstanding.

Mt dog 1

Mt dog 2

If you ever want to camp near Glacier NP, I cannot recommend this campground highly enough. Unlike nearly every other private campground on the planet, it has sufficient wooded space between and among the sites to afford a bit of privacy and nature. The owner seems to have created that impossibly tiny sweet spot between chaos and a place so highly regulated one feels as though it is 1984. There was an almost complete absence of signs telling the guests what they Could.Not.Do, yet when we complained about the people across the road from us who left their dog inside their RV ALL DAY WHILE THEY WERE GONE and it yapped for 12 HOURS STRAIGHT, the situation was remedied forthwith. If you follow the link to the website you can see the photo that convinced Smokey this was the place where he would be totally comfortable. (Yes, I mean the  photo of the dogs on the couch.)

* * * * *

Now, some more portraits of our dogs on vacation.

Bear begs "You aren't going to eat all that yourself, are you?"

Lucy alert 1
"I am sure there is a critter out there somewhere…"

Lucy sleep
All quiet on the Lucy front.

Lucy sleep woods
It's a dog's life.

Bear portrait
"Look, my job is to worry about you. Don't bother me right now, I'm busy."

Sb and lucy rodeo
(at the rodeo) "Why do those big dogs have men on their back? What are they chasing?
Are those dogs gonna be okay? Can I help? Pleeeeaaassse?"

Sb and lucy
"You go ahead and nap, Dad. I'll keep watch…"

Sb and lucy 2
"…for a little while."

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0 Responses to Dogs on vacation.

  1. marianne says:

    Oooh yeah, loves me a good dog! or two or three or or or. What a fabulous place!

  2. Kym says:

    Oh. Dogs. Love’em. Totally love ’em. (Jenny thinks horses are “big dogs,” too. . .)

  3. Diane says:

    You left the cats home? Not fair!

  4. Bullwinkle says:

    Another post that has me smiling 🙂
    p.s. You can tell Smokey that I also love the campground picture of the dogs on the couch. (Excellent pillow that white one has.)

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