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Happy Halloween! That's where I found a link to this app, which I used to produce these:                                                   … Continue reading

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All Hallow’s Read.

A new tradition, invented exactly a week ago by Neil Gaiman (pictured at right), is All Hallows Read. Stephen King and Joe Hill (SK's son, also an author of scary stuff) and The Huffington Post are already totally on board … Continue reading

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Inappropriate Halloween costumes.

Inappropriate Halloween costumes.  

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Minnestoa’s Wisconsonite.*

What is most disturbing about this is that apparently I live somewhere in the upper reaches of Alfred Hitchcock's nose. Ewww. * Title and image cheerfully stolen from The Daily What.

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The Temper Trap: Love Lost.

I heard this song on the Net a couple weeks ago and loved it. Here are three different music videos for it. Which is your favorite? Finally, the official video. I think the reason that Love Lost caught my fancy … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday, the Hallowe’en edition.

Ten Ways To Enjoy Hallowe'en. Stock up on candy, turn on the porch light, and enjoy the stream of trick-or-treaters. Play spooky sound effects through a speaker hidden in the bushes in front of the house. Wear a costume yourself … Continue reading

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Stash of joy.

A couple weekends ago I re-organized the stash, which had become unmanageable. Before: To the untrained eye that may look fairly well organized, but some boxes are only partly full, others are overflowing, and the whole tower wobbles. Then there … Continue reading

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I particularly like the bits at 0:21 where both cats stop and look at the camera ("Oh, you again with the camera? Ho-hum, you are soooo boring.") and at 0:46, where the cat at the left suddenly realizes his Paw … Continue reading

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Good reads.

I have had a good run on reading lately. Three Four really good ones in a row. My books; let me tell you them. Ironically, since I don't particularly care for historical fiction, two of these beauties were set in … Continue reading

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Ikea cats: which is real, which is parody?

Yeah, that was a rhetorical question. Found via

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