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Hear ye, hear ye!

As I tweeted Tuesday night, #1Son took the GRE and got a 1570; perfect on the verbal (why are we not surprised?) and 770 on the math. He is one happy camper. As I mentioned last week, he plans to … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday, the end of summer (and one day late*) edition.

Ten things to do before the end of summer?  Sheesh, I could probably make a list of a hundred. Let's try to pare that down, m'kay? 10 Things To Do Before the End of Summer.** Get a tan. Hmmm, probably … Continue reading

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Socks and YouTubes.

Here are the socks I finished on vacation. Please curb your enthusiasm. Yarn: Zwerger Garn Opal Zirkus/Circus, color 2006. Further details here on Ravelry. These are a little bit wrinkly because, sheesh, block socks? Are you kidding? The wrinkles disappear … Continue reading

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So there I was…

…at the laundromat.   I turned around and guess what I saw?   Somebody decided to have their wedding photos taken on Main Street in Luck. Those photographers you see? Were just a small part of the crew. There were … Continue reading

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Saturday random.

The Onion: Sarah Palin's speaking demands. Forbes: How commodity traders get their *inside* information. Boingboing: For all your puzzlement needs and Boneless clubfooted woman invades Melbourne. Meet my new wallpaper. From Gizmodo's (or Lifehacker's, don't remember) photo challenge. I like … Continue reading

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Relax, I’m much better better now.

Whew. If you want to be really appalled, read Marianne's comment on that last post: "jeeze louise, I hope you're feeling better! Bobby had an episode similar, ended up in ER with a kinked intestine, one of the interns dubbed … Continue reading

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Skip the first paragraph and go directly to the videos if you are easily grossed out.

Thursday was a horrible day. I spent most of it in bed, after spending a good share of Wednesday night night poopin' and pukin'. You needed to know that, right? It is now nearly midnight on Thursday and I am … Continue reading

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Humor for Thursday.

(Normal body temp is 36.x and normal pH is 7.4. Asystole means no electrical activity in the heart, i.e., flatlined.) * * * * * From * * * * * * * * * * Best blog comment … Continue reading

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Last Thursday evening when we were eating dinner at Cascade Lodge on the North Shore, Smokey left the table to go out to the van to get a refrigerator dish for his leftovers. (No styrofoam take-out containers were harmed in … Continue reading

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