The saga of the broken washer.

You know your washer is A Lemon when there is a song and video about what goes wrong with it.

From this site:

"This song is dedicated to all of the Maytag Neptune Front Loaders and explains a common failure on these machines and offers a solution. The failure is the door latch wax motor, part # 12002535, which will fail on all Neptunes that shipped with them. Once you have this failure your Neptune will not enter the high speed spin and your clothes will be soaking wet after wash cycle completes. For more Maytag Neptune information see"

From what Smokey and I can figure, the wax motor is the thing that locks the door on the washer when it goes into its high-speed spin cycle. If it does not function properly to lock the door, the washer will not spin. We think that the wax melts, allowing the door to lock; when the spin cycle is done, the wax cools, rehardens, and unlocks the door. Whoever designed this li'l hummer had clearly never heard of the KISS principle. ("Keep It Simple, Stupid!")

I would like to say here that every one of those photos of the inner workings of the washer look veeerrrry familiar to me. Whenever Smokey had to remove and/or replace a part, I had to hold the door or the control panel or something. He could look at those photos right now and name every single wire, switch, and microswitch.

The washer was free to us (had belonged to my mother-in-law, who washed no more than one or two loads a week in it for four years), so disregard that $900 price tag. To date we have spent perhaps $50 on repair kits/parts and about that at the laundromat. Still a lot cheaper than a new washer 🙂

For the record, no, the washer is not fully functional yet in spite of any number of attempts to make it so. We still have high hopes, though — there are lots of helpful instructions and remedies out there on the internet, plus one guy even emailed Smokey a long list of trouble-shooting steps. Eventually we will get the right combination and part and the phase of the moon will be right and the incantations will finally take effect and Voila! My washer will work again!

Until then you can find me at the laundromat…

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0 Responses to The saga of the broken washer.

  1. Kym says:

    What. A. Pain. The only consolation must be. . . that you didn’t actually purchase the thing. Good luck with the (unfortunately ongoing) repairs.

  2. soxanne says:

    Cute. My question: How do people have time to write songs, make videos AND fix their washers?

  3. Vicki says:

    Yah. Junked that piece o’… mine a couple years ago. Love my LG.

  4. Stella says:

    We had the same problem, but didn’t figure out the door thing until after we spent $565 for a new motherboard which the repair guy from Searsaid would solve the problem. Did not.

  5. Lucia says:

    It could be worse: you could be about to spend $1500 on a window.

  6. marianne says:

    oh ffs. Seems to me they should be repairing that bit for absolutely free. bastids.
    I spent my teenage years through to my 40s going to the laundromat, those years with 3 babies and cloth diapers? oh yeah. special fun times ;^)
    Hope it gets fixed and working for you soon!

  7. Chris says:

    *crosses fingers*

  8. Mary Lou says:

    What happened to the Maytag repair man? He musn’t be lonely any more… I had a sear kenmore top loader someone gave me instead of throwing it away, and I used it for about 15 years and left it when I moved. Only repair was a belt. My front loader is not the Neptune, so crossing my fingers and toes.

  9. Cookie says:

    Ya know, there really should be some kind of jail sentence for people who design and sell basic household equipment that fails like that.

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