Hear ye, hear ye!


As I tweeted Tuesday night, #1Son took the GRE and got a 1570; perfect on the verbal (why are we not surprised?) and 770 on the math. He is one happy camper.

As I mentioned last week, he plans to take a year off between years 3 and 4 of medical school to get a master's degree in public health. The top schools in that field are UC–Berkeley, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and he had his scores sent to the US schools in that list (the London school was not on the approved list of place that GRE scores could be sent). He hasn't studied the offerings of the schools in enough detail to rank them intelligently in terms of being a good fit for him but says that his uninformed first choice is Harvard. I suspect that is because Paul Farmer is based there, and Farmer is one of his idols.

Smokey's and my favorite is the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine because hey! what a cool name! Victorian England and globalism, all in one!

After he finished the test we had lunch and took care of errands for him. Had his eyes checked and ordered a couple pairs of glasses — yay, America's Best! He also wanted to go to Goodwill because he needed some dressier clothes; the dress code for his rotations over the next two years of med school is shirt and tie. Thirty-six dollars later he was the proud possessor of four fancy-schmancy shirts, seven (mostly) silk ties, and a pair of dress pants. Then we hit Kohl's for some more dress pants (very scarce at Goodwill), socks, and shoes. This is more dress clothes than he has ever owned, having lived in t-shirts and shorts and jeans and sandals and sneakers ever since he was old enough to dress himself.

I asked if he would be the only one in his class wearing a dress shirt and tie from Goodwill, and he said no, although it would be highly unusual for the attending (what the rest of the world would call "doctor") to do so.

The America's Best store was delightful, completely contrary to my one experience there a few years ago. On the two pairs of glasses I got at that time, a lens kept falling out of one pair and the bifocals were too high in the other; in addition, the staff were, to put it charitably, non-solicitous. The staff yesterday were all having a great time, both with each other and with the customers. It was completely entertaining just to sit in the corner, knitting on my Red Scarf and listening and watching. I plan to give them another chance next time I need glasses.

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0 Responses to Hear ye, hear ye!

  1. Erika says:

    Whoa, 2 pairs of glasses plus an eye exam for $70? DUDE I AM SO THERE. I’m embarrassed to admit how old my glasses are, and how out of date my prescription is.

  2. Erika says:

    Oh and congratulations #1 Son! Really earning that title!

  3. elizabeth says:

    What a great accomplishment! You have good kids. :o)
    I went “scriffin” today and got two pair of jeans and a PERFECT terrycloth bathrobe for $9.47! I’m afraid one pair of jeans won’t fit, but it’ll go into the inspiration pile and if I never wear them, I’ll donate them back. I tend to do that a lot…

  4. CindyG says:

    I stand in complete awe!

  5. Cookie says:

    Woo Hoos all around!
    I vote Berkeley, but I would. ;^)

  6. Mel says:

    I looked at London as a possible option for the MPH. First go ’round, I was accepted into Harvard and rejected by UNC, though I did end up taking a class at UNC and was really pleased with the quality of the coursework. This go ’round, UNC’s program was best suited to my needs as a distance learner and, again, the coursework is top notch. Never really considered Hopkins, but that’s mostly because it’s in a really scary section of town. The daughter of neighbors of mine is on did her PhD at Hopkins and can attest to the sketchiness of the neighborhood. She’s now on faculty at UNC.

  7. Chris says:

    Congrats to #1 Son! LOVE that comic – I think I had that question on the GRE, actually…

  8. Diane says:

    Congratulations to #1 Son. Those are impressive scores!
    A) Neither, he’s having tofu
    B) Timbuktu
    C) Ice cream on a stick

  9. marianne says:

    Congratulations to #1Son! and it tickles me no end that he got most of his clothes at Goodwill! YAY!!!

  10. cursingmama says:

    What an accomplishment. I’d vote for London as well – seems like a good place to visit mid-year πŸ˜‰

  11. Lucia says:

    Serious congrats. Especially on the clever frugality. Now there’s a life skill.

  12. Bullwinkle says:

    Congrats to #1 Son! And another vote for London (as if blog-readers get a say in the matter!) Also impressed with the frugality.

  13. Carrie K says:

    Whoo hooo! Congratulations on having such a bright kid. I’d vote London just because…..London. Who cares about the school’s cedentials? (other than your son when he hangs out his shingle).
    I’ve shopped Goodwill for years, ever since I realized that me and the rest of my friends tend to buy things, never wear them and donate them. That and me and current fashion don’t mix.
    Glad you’re feeling better! That must’ve been a wee bit scary. Did you wonder if you were going to be able to eat again?

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